Tale of a Town Tells Parkdale’s Story this Weekend at Lab Cab Festival

At Parkdale Village BIA’s Spring Festival this past April, residents, business owners and visitors alike shared their memories and experiences from Toronto’s Parkdale neighbourhood. These numerous interviews were recorded live on site by Tale of a Town, and will be presented as a podcast at the 2013 Lab Cab Festival, which takes place July 27th and 28th along Queen West from Roncesvalles to Dufferin.

Lab Cab is a free festival of music, dance, theatre, poetry, comedy, film, visual art, storytelling, crafts, kids’ stuff and more, and for the first time since 2006 it will take place entirely in the businesses, homes and on the streets within the Parkdale Village BIA. Taking part in this incredible festival is Tale of a Town, a site-specific theatre and documentary initiative produced by local Parkdale business FIXT POINT, that combines local stories to tell a tale through interactive live performance. The idea is built on a belief that in order to understand ourselves together, we must start first by focusing on the neighbourhoods that combine to form the whole picture. Parkdale is the perfect place for this project, with its storied history and passionate people.Slide1

Whether you’re a resident, business owner or visitor be sure to come down to FIXT POINT headquarters and get a sneak peek at the inspiring Tale of a Town production of  “A Walk Down Main Street – Parkdale”. For scheduling click here.

To find out more about Lab Cab or read its full schedule, visit www.labcab.ca.

Over 100 Artists Expected to Perform at Lab Cab Festival in Parkdale!

The Lab Cab Festival moves to Parkdale!!! 

After six years at the Factory Theatre, the Lab Cab Festival is spreading its wings and flying into Parkdale!

Short works of music, dance, theatre, film, poetry, kids stuff, clown, visual art and comedy will be showcased in the restaurants, hair salons, clothing stores, cafes, bars, flower shops, parks, antique stores, community centres, laundromats and parking lots of the historic and diverse neighbourhood of Parkdale. All for free!

We wanted to grow Lab Cab in order to curate more artists and engage more audiences. Parkdale’ s cultural and financial diversity inspires us. Bringing Lab Cab into the stores, businesses and community centres in the area unifies the neighbourhood and gives more people access to art and creation.”

-Aviva Armour-Ostroff, Artistic Director

Beginning at noon on Queen St. West near Roncesvalles Ave. and moving east toward Dufferin St. throughout the day, over one hundred performance groups from various artistic disciplines present work between 5 and 30 minutes.

Choose between a ten minute dance piece in West End Comics, twenty minutes of live music in the Sun Fa restaurant or a fifteen minute stand up routine in Shawn Skeir Gallery…there is something for everyone and at least five performances to choose from at one time. Performers range from age sixteen to seventy, from the newly emerged to the well established.

Lab Cab starts each day with a FREE PANCAKE BREAKFAST from 12 – 12:30 outside Hideaway Antiques.

There are performances and activities for kids of all ages. Nannies on Call partner with Lab Cab to provide FREE CHILD CARE for parents seeking a more mature artistic experience.

As Lab Cab promotes community building as well as arts awareness, businesses along Queen Street West in Parkdale will be having sidewalk sales and selling food outside their businesses.

Support from the Ontario Trillium Foundation has allowed for a new initiative of free artist led workshops. People can sign up on the day to make puppets (Dutch Uncle Puppetry), create a clown character (Helen Donnelly), learn the Singkill fan dance (Catherine Hernandez), make jewellery (Michelene Sutherland) and kids can create a piece of visual art (Shirin Divanbegi). All are welcome to contribute to the mural being created by graffiti artist Gloria “Fiya” Monreal.

Please refer to our website for a full schedule and program. www.labcab.ca

Lab Cab Festival: Parkdale is a multi-disciplinary event, engaging over one hundred artists from seven artistic genres. Participants include:

THEATRE: Shadowland, Christian Lloyd, Natalie Kulesza, Raoul Bhaneja, Brooke Banning, Clinton Walker, FIXT POINT, Katherine Lanteigne, Making Room & Farah Merani, Michael Rubenfeld & Sarah Garton Stanley, Amy Lee Lavoie, Camille Stubel, Jessica Moss, Laura Nanni, Marilo Nunez, Michelle Polak, Morgan Norwich & Johnnie Walker, Severn Thompson, Sashoya and Derek Kwan

Media Release Image

LITERARY: Daniela Saioni, Maria Meindl, Verne Good, Andrea Villanueva, Lisa Young, Jeremy Hanson-Finger, Jenna Turk, Nicholas Sgouros, Shari Kasman and Sarah Sheard & David Bolt

DANCE: Caroline Niklas-Gordon, Daniella Beltrami, Barb Lindenberg, Dark Dance, Gadfly, Kristy Kennedy, Meagan O’Shea, Triana Project Cuadro Flamenco, Lee Pham and Toni Ellwand

FILM: Arturo Perez Torres & Saylor Perez Haynes, Azza El Siddique, Bruce Hunter, Joe Pingue, Melissa D’Agostino & Matt Campagna, Teresa Pavlinek & Shoshana Sperling, Tricia Collins and Rob King

VISUAL ART: Shawn Skeir, Edie Inksetter, Allegra Fulton, Re-Imagining Dementia Through the Arts, Julie Campagna, Johnny Spiff, Corinna Schnitt, Tyde and PARC knits.

COMEDY/CLOWN: Mackenzie Muldoon, Annie Bradley, Asiansploitation, Greg Thomas, Carolyn Bennett, Joanne O’Sullivan & Christy Bruce, Kevin Dowse, Lindy Zucker and Amy Matisyo & Dina Pino.

MUSIC: Andrea Hatala, Bob Wiseman, Danny Simmons, Diem Lafortune, Emma Phillips, Heniz Klien, Jayli Wolf, John and Wally, Kaïa Kater, Karrnnel Sawitsky, Kim Jarrett, Kristin Cavoukian, Local 164, Patrick Brealey, Steven McCarthy & Jason O’Brien, The Gypsy Rebels, Treva, Urvah Khan, Kim Lee, Beams, Kalsang Doma, Domanique Grant and Victoria Carr

STUFF FOR KIDS: Heather Mazhar (music), Yolanda Yott (puppets), Stevie Jay (clown), Andrew Larsen (reading), Leah Salomaa Family Music (music), Winston Spear (dance), Space Chums (music), Laylah Jane (kids dance party) and Sing Along Tim and the Pacifiers (music)

Lab Cab Festival: Parkdale

Saturday, July 27th  and Sunday July 28th, 2013


Admission: FREE!

Beginning in venues closest to Roncesvalles Ave, moving east on Queen St. and ending at Dufferin St. by 6pm 

Full schedule and program available online and onsite.


Media Contact: Aviva Armour-Ostroff [email protected] 416-629-8609

The Lab Cab Festival is supported by the Ontario Trillium Foundation, Toronto Arts Council, Canadian Heritage and the Parkdale Village BIA.



Ambassadors to perform Random Acts of Kindness in Parkdale


 TORONTO, July 5, 2013 – Be on the lookout throughout July for Parkdale Village (BIA) Business Improvement Area ambassadors brightening the day of residents, businesses and visitors! To say thank-you for visiting Parkdale Village and supporting Parkdale Village BIA member businesses, a team of eight ambassadors will be performing random acts of kindness along Queen Street West, assisting visitors, offering directions and demonstrating the community spirit that’s at the heart of Parkdale. There will be free water and newspapers handed out, street sweepers keeping storefronts clean, handy reusable branded shopping bags, even complimentary parking if you get spotted by an ambassador… all courtesy of the Parkdale Village BIA. The campaign coincides with new brochures highlighting businesses and community resources which will be distributed and on display in over 150 businesses – pick one up today! The Random Acts of Kindness Campaign within the Parkdale Village BIA proudly encourages everyone to shop local, support the community and pay it forward.

random acts of kindnessWho: Compliments of the Parkdale Village Business Improvement Area

What: Parkdale Village Business Improvement Area ambassadors, dressed in neon-green Parkdale t-shirts and aprons will roam Queen Street West and interact with residents, businesses and visitors by:

  • Handing out Parkdale bags
  • Handing out brochures
  • Handing out water bottles & newspapers
  • Paying for parking
  • Opening doors
  • Sweeping the street
  • Handing out yellow City garbage bags (to business owners)

Where: Along Queen Street West within the Parkdale BIA, between Dufferin Street and Roncesvalles Avenue

When: Keep an eye out for Parkdale Village BIA ambassadors throughout July

Why: To welcome and say thank-you to residents and visitors exploring Parkdale Village and supporting its BIA members.

For more information or interview requests:

Anna Bartula, Executive Director [email protected]
Carolyn Grisold, Communications Associate [email protected]
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Parkdale Proudly Welcomes Lab Cab Festival

Facebook Banner Lab Cab 2013

The Parkdale Village BIA is proud to sponsor the Lab Cab Festival and Sidewalk Sale on July 27th and 28th.

Lab Cab is an annual, two-day multi-arts festival which includes free family activities, rickshaw rides, sidewalk sale and of course music, dance, theatre, film, poetry, kids’ stuff, visual art and comedy performed in restaurants, bars, community centres, boutiques, cafés, parks, library, parking lots, hair salons, flower shops, clothing stores, convenience stores, antique stores and book stores. Acts range from 2 to 40 minutes, and are performed by seasoned and amateur artists from 12:00pm-6:00pm throughout the weekend along Queen Street West.

Founded in 2001, the mandate of Lab Cab (short for “Laboratory Cabaret”) is to provide a home for local artists of various disciplines to experiment with new work in a fun and risk-free environment. The first Lab Cab Festival premiered in the fall of 2006 with over 50 arts groups filling every nook and cranny of the Factory Theatre at Adelaide and Bathurst.

Parkdale Village BIA is excited to host Lab Cab in 2013 as the festival flourishes throughout our neighbourhood with over 100 performance groups in more than 50 Parkdale Village businesses and venues.

And the best part? It’s FREE.

lab cab photo collage

Courtesy of Lab Cab Festival

Stay tuned to http://www.labcab.ca/site/2013-festival/ for line-up and schedule updates!

To volunteer for the festival email us at [email protected] or contact Nausheen Currington by email [email protected] or by phone at 647-229-5175.