Spring Into Parkdale This Weekend – Dogs, Neighbours, Smoothies & Art!

Can you believe we are less than a week away from our 2nd Annual Spring into Parkdale Sidewalk Sale & Festival on Saturday April 26th 10am-6pm! 

Even a little rain won’t stop the many shops and organizations participating this year, and with the help of residents and visitors the show will go on!

Follow up on Twitter at #SpringIntoParkdale all weekend as we announce even more surprises and help you re-explore, re-discover and support local shopping & free attractions along Queen St W from Dufferin to Roncesvalles!

Puppy Love: Swing by Not My Dog for some awesome photography and handmade clothing at 1510 Queen St W.

Smooth: Enjoy 23 degree coffee, Vega smoothies and much more at JR’s Natural Health & Bulk @ 1382 Queen St W @ Cowan Ave.  

Stars: Join Bell Media CTV Toronto for a TV series called Local Calls & step into their video phone booth @ Cowan Ave!

Freeze: Become a part of a new artistic project at Skeir Gallery. Pose for a photo & share your silhouette for this community project @ 1537 Queen St W @ Callender

West: Visit Queen & Dufferin for face painting, product demos and gift bags @ West End Food Coop!

Neighbours: Join the Parkdale Residents Association at Elm Grove, meet your neighbours, become a member and get involved in your community!

Spring into Parkdale Attractions 6 - 2014

Click below for more info on activities & entertainment:

Cupcakes, Balloons, Bikes & Surprises

Birthday, Sliders, Drums, Chalk & Alumni!

Cheese, Exploration, Sistema, Horses & Rock!

Pride, Treasure, Superman & Eagles!

Art Market, Spa Deals, Portraits & Tours!

Spring Into Parkdale Festival – Cupcakes, Balloons, Bikes & Surprises!

With just over 1 week to go, we just can’t keep up with all the wonderful activities and promotions taking place during our 2nd Annual Spring into Parkdale Sidewalk Sale & Festival on Saturday April 26th 10am-6pm!

To continue our weekly countdown we’re announcing even more attractions!  We hope you’ll be enticed to re-explore, re-discover and support over 50 participating partners & shops. As you stroll the strip, be sure to stop by Triller Avenue, Sorauren Avenue, Cowan Avenue & Dufferin Street for free attractions.

Get Well: Get ready for a HUGE Inventory Sale at The Well of Alternative Medicine with over 40% off goods @ 1344 Queen St W @ Brock!

Pan Am: Meet the Pan Am Mascot Pachi @ Cowan Ave & Dufferin St and learn about the Pan Am/Parapan Am Game coming to Parkdale in 2015!

Cupcakes2Go: Check out a special promotion with Yummy Stuff Bakery & Car2Go, visit them at Triller Ave for details on free cupcakes, plus decorate your own!!!

Surprises: Visit Ze Ze Food & Drink for lots of
delicious surprises and deals @ 1704 Queen St W @ Roncesvalles.

Balloons: Join Parkdale High Park MP Peggy Nash and MPP Cheri DiNovo at Cowan Ave and stock up on balloons!

Bikes: Bike on over to Sorauren Ave and meet the team behind Cycle Toronto, learn about Cycling and Safety in Toronto! Spring into Parkdale Attractions 5 - 2014

Click below for more info on activities & entertainment:

Birthday, Sliders, Drums, Chalk & Alumni!

Cheese, Exploration, Sistema, Horses & Rock!

Pride, Treasure, Superman & Eagles!

Art Market, Spa Deals, Portraits & Tours!

Spring into Parkdale Sidewalk Sale & Festival - 2014

We’re Hiring – Project Manager!

Job Description
Position: Project Manager
Reports to: Board of Management and Committee Chairs
Location: Parkdale Village, Toronto, ON
Status:  Full Time, Contract (June 2014 – May 2015)
Salary Range: $40,000-$44,000; Competitive Compensation Packages

This role is responsible for the effective implementation of the 2014/2015 Marketing Strategy and continued management of Streetscape Strategy projects, including development, operations and execution.

Key Accountabilities:
Planning and Execution
The Project Manager provides marketing and event project management, streetscape project management, customer service, administrative support, and general assistance to the BIA. The individual must be a self-starter and possess strong organizational skills to ensure that priorities are assigned to projects and activities.

Reporting to the Board of Management through the BIA Chair [or designate], the BIA Project Manager’s responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Implement programs and policies as approved by the Board;
  • Financial management
  • Establish, encourage and maintain positive, constructive and proactive relationships with the BIA members as well as those non-members whose action can impact the BIA; and
  • human resource coordination
  • All administrative functions of the BIA

Duties of the BIA Project Manager include the following:


  • Maintain and implement all marketing and event projects and promotions as directed by the Board;
  • Execute all elements of project management and marketing mix (advertising, printing, media, volunteer recruitment, permits, budgets, logistics, etc.)
  • Monthly communications with existing BIA members via email, social media, phone
  • Monthly communication via newsletter, prepare, produce and distribute
  • Monthly communications via website articles, prepare, produce and post new & existing news
  • Weekly website maintenance and updates
  • Daily communications via social media (twitter, Instagram, Facebook)
  • Outreach to new BIA members via site visits and material distribution
  • Draft materials for distribution to the local community through appropriate media [door- to-door, local newspaper, etc.];
  • Preparation and distribution of press releases and other media materials;
  • Conduct all metrics such as surveys (quantitative and qualitative), analytics analysis and reporting on a monthly basis
  • Perform a cycle of visitation to merchant members every month; and act as liaison with non-BIA members.
  • Liaise with City departments such as: Economic Development Culture and Tourism Department, Urban Forestry, Parks and Recreation, Transportation and other departmental staff as appropriate;
  • Liaise with members of other BIAs and BIA associations; and
  • Liaise with community groups and agencies
  • Acts as a spokesperson for the BIA, members, board and neighbourhood maintaining high level of professionalism and integrity in all levels of communication


  • Maintain and implement all streetscape, beautification and enhancement programs as directed by the Board;
  • Prepare and administer necessary documentation in accordance with the City’s Capital Cost Sharing Program;
  • Obtain “sign-off” on all relevant documents as required by the City and the BIA; and
  • Relay project status to the BIA and organize staff/BIA meetings where appropriate.

Maintenance and Repairs

  • Maintain and monitor all floral programs, banners and light poles as directed by the Board;
  • Monitor public works and related activities [sidewalk repair, garbage receptacle replacement, garbage collection, hydro infrastructure projects, other physical repairs/improvements] in the BIA; and
  • Work with the Board to implement the area improvement schedule.
  • Maintain weekly inventory of assets and repairs


  • Schedule meetings and prepare agendas with Board and Committee Chairs;
  • Prepare and distribute committee minutes or notes, follow-up on issues as required
  • Responsible for maintaining regular office operations such as filing, folding, stuffing and mailing;
  • Maintain database (250+ members, media, committee members, etc.)
  • Prepare cheques, invoices and other financial documents; and
  • Day to day office management (phone and internet provider, IT troubleshooting, office & equipment maintenance, etc.)

Meeting Organization  

  • Reserve appropriate meeting location;
  • Make all required physical arrangements including refreshments, seating etc.;
  • Contact all required committee members and other interested parties to attend.


  • University or College Training in marketing, project management and/or equivalent
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Strong financial management and adhering to budgets
  • Strong problem solving skills using creative solutions
  • Delivers high standard of customer service and acts with integrity by promoting consistency among principles, values and behaviors
  • Impeccable organizational and record keeping skills
  • Motivated, organized and ability to concurrently manage projects and initiatives;
  • Strong social media skills [Facebook, Twitter, Instagram] & Smartphone
  • Valid Driver’s License
  • Able to walk / move extensively around the Parkdale Village BIA area
  • Knowledge of Parkdale Village Neighbourhood and experience with BIA’s an asset
  • An interest in entrepreneurship, community development and multiculturalism an asset; and
  • Strong program skills [MS Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel, Mail Chimp, Survey Monkey, WordPress]

Deadline for applications is Monday May 5th, 2014 5:00pm.

Cover letter and resume to:

Hiring Committee
Parkdale Village Business Improvement Area
1313 Queen Street West
Toronto, ON.  M6K 1L8
[email protected]

Spring into Parkdale Festival – Birthday, Sliders, Drums, Chalk & Alumni!

There’s so much to do at our 2nd Annual Spring into Parkdale Sidewalk Sale & Festival on Saturday April 26th 10am-6pm!

To continue our weekly countdown we’re announcing even more attractions!  We hope you’ll be enticed to re-explore, re-discover and support all that Parkdale Village has to offer. As you stroll the strip, be sure to stop by Triller Avenue, Sorauren Avenue, Cowan Avenue & Dufferin Street for free attractions.

Happy Birthday: Help North Standard Trading Post celebrate their 1 year Anniversary & get 15% off select gear, enjoy prizes, giveaways & more! Visit 1662 Queen St West @ Triller.

Cheese: Did you know Parkdale is home to the worlds most loveable mascots! Join the Loonie Times Mouse mascot at Triller & Sorauren for hugs and high fives!

Sliders: Enjoy delicious porchetta sliders at Maialino’s Restaurant or stock up on some olive oil, biscotti & dry pasta at 1688 Queen St W @ Triller.

Drums: Bang your heart away on the Zoosemobile Interactive Drum Sculpture entirely made of recycled material, catch it along Queen St W.

Chalk: Enjoy the artistry of the Chalkchick as she illustrates the streets of Parkdale.

Alumni: You don’t have to be Parkdale Collegiate Institute Alumni to meet the Parkdale Panther Mascot & learn about PCI’s 125th Anniversary, visit them at Cowan.Spring into Parkdale Attractions 4 - 2014


Click below for more info on activities & entertainment:

Cheese, Exploration, Sistema, Horses & Rock!

Pride, Treasure, Superman & Eagles!

Art Market, Spa Deals, Portraits & Tours!

Spring into Parkdale Sidewalk Sale & Festival - 2014

Toronto’s fight to cap restaurants in Parkdale goes to OMB

A recent article by , City Hall Bureau reporter published on April 8th summarised the recent council meeting regarding the Restaurant Study:

Toronto isn’t backing down from its bid to cap the number of restaurants growing like artisanal mushrooms in Parkdale.

On Tuesday, the Toronto and East York Community Council rejected a request to stand down on a battle with the restaurant industry that’s gone to the Ontario Municipal Board, which has ordered the two sides to meet with a mediator on June 23.

The sudden proliferation of restaurants along Queen St. West may be great news for foodies, but for nearby residents and councillor Gord Perks (Ward 14, Parkdale-High Park), it’s become a problem.

There are 71 establishments on Queen between Dufferin St. and Roncesvalles Ave., of which 34 have opened since 2008. On one 300-metre stretch between Dufferin and Brock Ave., 19 of the 57 properties — one in three — is a restaurant.

It’s too many, says Perks, who has pushed to cap the number at 25 per cent, meaning that only one of every four properties can be a restaurant.

The restaurant industry opposes caps as an interference in the free market and is urging the city to instead step up enforcement to control noise, litter, rowdyism and other things that spark complaints.

The community council rejected a request to seek an adjournment of the municipal board case, which could go to a five-day hearing before the OMB if mediation doesn’t resolve the issue.

To continue reading, click here.

To read more about the study visit these recent posts:


Explore Cycling in Parkdale Village

With warmer weather you may have noticed more residents and visitors getting on their bikes and commuting to work or exploring the neighbourhood. It’s no surprise as Parkdale has a major cycling community and has the second highest bike use among all neighbourhoods in Toronto. So as you’re thinking about taking your bike in for that spring tune up at Mojo’s Cycle and going out for a ride, we’d like to remind you about the status of Cycling in Parkdale and what to expect in the future, making cycling in Parkdale safer, accessible and more convenient.IMG_20140311_151016

Currently, with respect to bike parking there are approximately 154 rings and decorative bike posts within the BIA, but only 3 multi-space racks. As cycling is growing in our neighbourhood, this is becoming insufficient and we regularly see dozens of abandoned bikes and crowded rings within the area, which the BIA regularly inventories & submits to 311. This is one of many cycling challenges our area faces and thus, the BIA is currently working with numerous stakeholders and reviewing possible cycling infrastructure improvement in the area.

The City’s existing and planned cycling projects do targeting Parkdale. Their Bike Plan, although approved in 2001, still serves as the guiding document for cycling improvements across Toronto. A key objective of this plan is to create connectivity among the different cycling routes throughout the city. In 2009, Parkdale was part of an additional study – the West End Bikeways Project – to address the unique cycling conditions and challenges in West Toronto (west of Bathurst St. and south of Bloor St.). These include the discontinuous and disjointed streets as well as one way streets, the presence of a rail line that creates a barrier across neighbourhoods and the presence of streetcar tracks on major east-west streets such as Queen Street. These unique conditions have made it more challenging to create a regular bikeway network in our neighbourhood.

To address this, the West End Bikeways study identified a number of residential streets (some of which already are used by cyclists) that would be designated as bike routes connecting the neighbourhood north-south and eastBike Sign - 2014-west. The roads on these streets will receive a number of improvements to make them safer for cyclists. These include bicycle lanes, contraflow lanes, sharrows (pavement markings to indicate a shared roadway) and signage. Many of these improvements are already slated to take place in the next few years. The complete West End Bikeways Project report including maps showing all the planned improvements can be downloaded on the City of Toronto website. There is also a great page that explains the different cycling lanes and pavement markings that are mentioned above.

Currently, some area stakeholders are working to add to these existing projects by contributing local knowledge on cycling conditions in Parkdale especially in terms of exploring new options for designated cycling routes and to find ways to connect some of the disjointed north-south routes that cross Queen Street. Additionally, they are contributing to improving signage and route maps to help visitors and residents familiarize themselves with the designated cycling routes.

Further, the recent pilot studies throughout Toronto have shown that people still want to park their bikes as close as possible to their destination. Based on this, some of the following options are being reviewed such as re-evaluate the locations of post & ring locations, adding new or relocating some of the existing posts and adding more multi-space racks. With the multi-space racks, determining the most appropriate locations and exploring a variety of options such as using wide sidewalk areas on side streets, municipal parking lots, and on-street bike corrals (bike racks in on-street parking spaces). Some of these options tested by the City of Toronto Queen St. West Bicycle Parking Study, which can be found here.

Thank you for exploring Parkdale, cycling safely and sharing the road. Enjoy these resources:

City of Toronto cycling maps

Cycle TO website

Spacing Magazine articles on cycling


Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival – It’s BACK!


The Parkdale Village BIA is delighted to be supporting the 2014 Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival for yet another year! This years programming saw an exciting addition as local photographers Hitoshi & Vincent from Hello Foto joined as curators and spent the winter season working with Parkdale Collegiate Institute students on the principles of photography and how to interpret the theme “Identity”.

Join us for the Festivals opening night Friday May 2nd 5-8pm and explore over 30 student artists in 9 venues within Parkdale Village.

See below for more details about participating venues: Queen West Antique Centre, Food & Liquor, This Little Piggy, Common Sort, Leesa Berry Haircutting, The Well of Alternative Medicine, The Parkdale Drink, The Public Butter & Rustic Cosmo Cafe.

The exhibit runs May 1-31, 2014. We thank the participating businesses, Hello Foto, CONTACT organizers and the teachers and students of Parkdale Collegiate Institute.

PCI Fielf Trip to Hello Foto 1 - CONTACT 2014

PCI students visit Hello-Foto Studios in Parkdale and learn the basics of a photoshoot.


Spring into Parkdale Festival – Cheese, Exploration, Sistema, Horses & Rock!

There’s so much to do at our 2nd Annual Spring into Parkdale Sidewalk Sale & Festival on Saturday April 26th 10am-6pm!

To continue our weekly countdown we’re delighted to share a sneak peak at some additional attractions and hope you’ll be enticed to re-explore, re-discover and support all that Parkdale Village has to offer. As you stroll the strip, be sure to stop by Triller Avenue, Sorauren Avenue, Cowan Avenue & Dufferin Street for free attractions.

Say Cheese: Need some professional photos of the little ones, then head over to This Little Piggy for their Photo Day! Book a time to say cheese at [email protected] and visit them at 1594 Queen St W @ Sorauren.

Feminine Chic: Step into your dream closet at Women’s Boutique Sylvie and Shimmy and let them dazzle you away with an additional 30% off sale items at 1640 Queen St W @ Wilson Park Rd.

Rock: Come Rock out to the Jolly Roger Band and Mr. Bitter Sweet at the Parkdale Activity-Recreation Centre (PARC), enjoy snacks, meet community members and learn about poverty & mental health at 1499 Queen St W @ Sorauren.

Sistema: Be dazzled by the sounds of Parkdale Public School’s Children’s choir through Sistema Toronto who provide free music lessons to children, learn about their Symphony Gala Concert and be inspired by song and drums at Queen St W & Dufferin.

Exploration: Did you know Scouts have been a part of Parkdale for over 100 years, learn about the world around you through camping and outdoor adventure with Scouts Canada & enjoy some popcorn at Queen St & Cowan.

Funtastic: Need a new look, let “Shy Shy the Clown” paint your face at Queen St W & Sorauren.

Red: Meet the horses, fire trucks, men & women of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Toronto Fire Services at Cowan and Sorauren.

Spring into Parkdale Attractions 3 - 2014
Check out last weeks announced activities by clicking here & here. Stay tuned for more details as we continue to announce over 50 wonderful partners, entertainers and businesses who can’t wait to see you Spring into Parkdale! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram #springintoparkdale

Restaurant Study Supplementary Report – April 8 2014

You are invited to attend a public meeting and take part in the decision making process regarding the Queen Street West Restaurant Study.

On April 8th 2014 starting at 9:30am The Toronto and East York Community Council will meet in Committee Room 1, 2nd Floor, City Hall, 100 Queen Street West to discuss Item TE31.41 – Queen Street West (between Roncesvalles Avenue and Dufferin Street) – Restaurant Study – Supplementary Report.

For more details visit: http://app.toronto.ca/tmmis/viewAgendaItemHistory.do?item=2014.TE31.41

To read more about the study visit these recent posts: