About the BIA

What is a BIA?
A Business Improvement Area (BIA) is an association of commercial property owners and tenants within a defined area who work in partnership with the City to create thriving, competitive, and safe business areas that attract shoppers, diners, tourists, and new businesses. By working collectively as a BIA, local businesses have the organizational and funding capacity to be catalysts for civic improvement, enhancing the quality of life in their local neighbourhood and the City as a whole. Toronto now boasts a total of 81 BIAs across the City — the largest number of BIAs in North America — representing more than 35,000 businesses. Together, they generate more than $34 million in funding towards street and sidewalk beautification, marketing and promotional campaigns, street festivals, clean street / graffiti-removal campaigns, and crime prevention strategies. BIAs also act as a unified voice to address issues on behalf of their membership. To read more click here.

How does a BIA work?
A BIA is run by a volunteer Board of Management elected from its members. The Board is nominated at an Annual General Meeting and, once approved by City Council, serves a four-year term concurrent with the term of Council. The Board works on behalf of its BIA and meets regularly to develop budgets, set priorities, implement capital improvements, plan festivals, and promote its business area.

How is a BIA Funded?
Every business/property member is charged a portion of the annual budget, based on that member’s share of the BIA’s total commercial realty assessment. How does it work – Each year the board, along with member input via an Annual General Meeting, prepares annual budget estimates that must be submitted to municipal council for approval. Once the budget is approved by municipal council, the council adds a special levy to the property tax paid by every owner of property designated (member) as industrial or commercial within the boundaries of the BIA. For each property, the amount of the levy will be related to its realty assessment. The exact amount of the BIA levy is determined by dividing the property’s realty assessment by the total realty assessment in the BIA and multiplying by the total BIA annual budget.

For example: If a business’s commercial realty assessment is 6,000, the total commercial realty assessment of all businesses in the BIA is 2,000,000, and the BIA’s annual budget is $100,000, then that business’s BIA levy is:

    $6,000        x    $ 100,000  =  $300

Am I a BIA Member?
If your commercial property and/or commercial business falls within the BIA boundary as defined by the City of Toronto (below), then yes you are considered to be a Member and can benefit from many Member perks, this may not however mean you are a paying Member, which allows you to vote at the Annual General Meeting.

The Parkdale Village BIA
The Parkdale Village BIA was established in 1978 and represents the vibrant commercial strip along Queen Street West from Dufferin Street to Roncesvalles Avenue. The presence of a large immigrant community has done much to create the distinct personality that Parkdale Village is known for, making it a multicultural destination with unique shops and restaurants that represent its diverse community. Parkdale Village has also seen an influx of artists and young professionals relocating to the neighbourhood due to its inclusive nature and relatively inexpensive rental spaces. Parkdale Village is proud of the BIAs unique, creative and diverse businesses.

Our Mission
The Parkdale Village BIA is 1 of over 80+ BIAs across the city of Toronto and is the voice of the business community. It is committed to improving and promoting the Parkdale Village area through investment and advocacy to maintain its position as one of Toronto’s premier destinations for shopping, business, and experiencing diverse culture and entertainment.

Board of Management
To learn more about our elected volunteer Board of Management, visit the contact us page. The size of each Board of Management, and the number of citizen members and Council members on each BIA Board, is set out in the City of Toronto Municipal Code, Chapter 19, Business Improvement Areas, for more info click here.

Strategic Planning
In 2017 the PVBIA began it’s first step towards revising their Strategic Direction by surveying property and/or commercial business’/ community organizations who fell within the BIA boundary (as defined by the City of Toronto). The feedback will be used toward defining our priorities and identifying where we can add the most value on behalf of members.

The Parkdale Village BIA funds and manages a number of neighbourhood beautification projects which are part of a Parkdale Capital Design Strategy Dec 2008; such as hanging floral baskets, floral planters, pole banners, graffiti removal, the Peace Monument and Pedestrian Lighting which helps create safer streets, enhances way finding and gateway intersections into the area as well as helps tie the area visually. To learn more about Streetscape projects, visit the Membership Benefits page and watch the Parkdale Village BIA & TD Green Streets Project 2013 or download the Welcome Package – Membership Overview – PVBIA 2017

For a Snapshot of our Events & Promotions, download the Welcome Package – Marketing Snapshot – PVBIA 2017. The Parkdale Village BIA helps promote businesses and local resources using a variety of Marketing initiatives such as our online directory, monthly Newsletter, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and News articles. The BIA also produces and distributes a Parkdale Village Community Directory Brochure – March 2016 as well as hand out branded promotional bags at events.

The Parkdale Village BIA sponsors and produces a number of events and promotions throughout the year, some include:
Parkdale Village Anniversary (January)
Spring into Parkdale Festival & Market (May)
Student Photography Initiative with Parkdale Collegiate Institute (May)
Random Acts of Kindness Ambassadors (Winter/ Spring)
A Walk Down Main Street Parkdale Podcast
Shop Local Holiday Campaign (November/ December)

Thinking of opening up a business in Parkdale Village
Parkdale Village welcomes all unique, creative, diverse and community supportive businesses. Join one of Toronto’s premier destinations for shopping and business, contact a local realtor or business owner for sublease opportunities or commercial properties available to rent or own. You can always contact us and we’ll be happy to direct you!

To learn more about the Parkdale Village Community, past and present, visit our History page.