Get Date Ready in Parkdale

Make the most of the end of summer by taking your special someone out for a night on the town! Not only does Parkdale have numerous award-winning restaurants and bars to choose from, but the neighbourhood can satisfy all your pre-date prep too. From hair stylists to high fashion, aestheticians to accessories, everything you need to get date ready is at your (newly polished) fingertips.

The only question that remains, ladies, is what kind of Parkdale date are you?

The Organic Romantic

She’s the girl who likes things au naturel. Dinner for her is a vegetarian buffet at Le Date 1Tibet followed by a stroll around Queen West’s vintage and antique shops with a mint tea at The Mascot. Her eco-friendly dress is from Chartreuse Style, and she does her own hair with organic shampoo from JR’s Natural Health & Bulk. Her date’s in comfy unisex TOMS from Boutique Café and a crewcut from Lionel’s Barber Shop. Bring her flowers from Coriander Girl and she’s yours!


The Canadiana Chick

O, Canada, this girl is true, strong and free. She’ll start the date with a Date 2terrarium workshop at Crown Flora Studio, then take you to Keriwa Café for bison and rutabaga, and whisk you to The Boreal Gelato Company for dessert. Keep the night going with Ontario craft beers at The Rhino Restaurant + Bar. Wearing her favourite tank from North Standard Trading Post, she had her hair done at Quinn West, and if you’re lucky, you may get to see the set of Hudson’s Bay items from Future of Frances Watson at her place later.

The Fabulous Girly Girl

This girly girl likes to go all out, and lucky for her, Parkdale can be Date 3fabulous too! Wine her and dine her at Maialino Enoteca Italiana, followed by a contemporary art gallery party at General Hardware. She’ll be wearing a slinky backless dress from Shopgirls Gallery Boutique with handcrafted jewellery from Made You Look. Her date prep includes a glamorous full makeover package at Red Carpet Queen that covers all the bases: facial, manicure & pedicure, eyebrow wax, eyelash extension and so much more!


The Hip Girl

Date 4Starting the night with tacos and bourbon at Grand Electric, the hip girl knows to line up early at this high-energy hotspot. She’s wearing a vintage chambray button-down from Philistine, and her long hair hangs loose with ombré highlights from Fringe. Her date’s got on a silk-screen printed tee from The Public Butter and tattoos from Fabrizio Divari. After dinner the couple heads to Wrongbar to catch a concert and dance the night away.

Find your own favourite place to get date ready with our resourceful Business Directory!

Parkdale Village Celebrates 134 Year Anniversary!

logoThe Parkdale Village BIA invites residents and visitors to celebrate the 134th Year Anniversary of Parkdale Village.
Throughout the month of January the Parkdale Village BIA (PVBIA) will be celebrating the rich history of Parkdale Village by inviting visitors to take a stroll down memory lane, explore the many businesses who will be celebrating in their own ways, and admire the Victorian architecture within Parkdale Village.

Visitors and residents will also be encouraged to learn more about the community by visiting the Facebook page where historical photos and stories will be shared throughout the month. Additionally, businesses will celebrate with historical trivia events, vintage displays and commemorative products!
Visit us online for daily announcements and share your stories!

Happy Anniversary Parkdale Village!

Restaurant Study – Interim Control Bylaw

If you did not have a chance to attend Mondays community meeting to discuss the Interim Control Bylaw Restaurant Study), please take a moment to view the presentation below and share your comments with Dan Nicholson at [email protected]

Interim Control By Law Community Meeting

An Invitation from Councillor Perks

Councillor Gord Perks would like to invite you to a Community Consultation Meeting regarding the Queen Street West Restaurant Study.

Toronto City Planning has been conducting a study to review the impact of restaurants (and similar uses) for the lands on and flanking Queen Street West, between Dufferin Street and Roncesvalles Avenue.

Over the past few years, this section of Queen Street West has seen an increase in restaurant/bar type uses replacing a broad range of commercial uses. Community concerns of noise, vandalism, garbage and congestion problems have also increased.

In August 2010, in response to these concerns, Councillor Perks moved a motion that City Planning be directed to undertake a study of this section of Queen Street to determine if any additional zoning is required to mitigate negative impacts associated with restaurants and bars on the surrounding area. That study is well underway.

Further, at the October 30/31, 2012 Toronto Council Meeting, on the advice of both City Planning and City Legal staff, Councillor Perks introduced an Interim Control By-law at City Council, to prohibit new restaurants and second floor expansions on Queen St West between Roncesvalles Avenue and Dufferin Street.

Prohibiting the establishment of new restaurants and second floor expansions within this study area for a one year period allows City Planning the opportunity to study which of the existing provisions ought to be changed in order to help alleviate the concerns related to land use issues.

The City is holding another Community Consultation meeting where you can learn more about this study and theInterim Control By-law. The meeting will include information on thepurpose and findings of research undertaken by planning staff, and provide an opportunity to ask questions and share your comments.

The meeting will be held Monday, November 26th, 2011 from 7:00 – 9:00 PM at theMay Robinson Auditorium (20 West Lodge Avenue). Please see attachment for more information, including further details about the study.

Property Assessment Meeting

MPAC Town Hall

On Tuesday November 20th, 2012, Parkdale-High Park MPP Cheri DiNovo will be holding a Town Hall to discuss your Property Assessment, recently sent to you by MPAC, the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation, an independent body established at the direction of the Provincial Government.

The assessments are based on the property value as of January, 2012.

If you believe that your assessment is not accurate, you have the opportunity to Request a Reconsideration. Information and forms will be available at the Town Hall. They are also available on-line at

As your City Councillor, Gord Perks will also be attending the meeting and will be available to answer any municipal questions that you may have.

MPAC Town Hall
November 20th, 7-9 PM
Bishop Morocco Thomas Merton High School S/E corner of Bloor St and Dundas St West.

Changes to Holiday Shopping Regulations

Under the City of Toronto, Municipal Code Chapter 510, Holiday Shopping, retail stores are required to be closed on the following nine public holidays: New Year’s Day, Family Day, Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Victoria Day, Canada Day, Labour Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.

The (Ontario) Retail Business Holidays Act (RBHA), which governs jurisdictions outside the City of Toronto, has similar requirements. Both the City’s Municipal Code and Provincial Statue provide numerous exemptions by type and size of store, as well as exemptions for designated areas within a municipality. Some Councils have exempted their entire municipality from the requirements of the RBHA. It should be noted that subject to proclamation, the RBHA is slated to be amended. These amendments will bring the retail shopping provisions applicable to other areas of the province more in line with the provisions currently applicable to the City of Toronto.

Toronto City Council considered the topic of holiday shopping in 2006, 2008, and 2010. In the consultations for all of these reviews, there has been a consensus that the existing regime of regulations, exemptions and exceptions creates an unlevel and often confusing playing field. The purpose of this review is to develop a fair and equitable solution. Under the guidance of the Economic Development Subcommittee on Holiday Shopping, this review incorporates the most comprehensive consultation of holiday shopping conducted by the City of Toronto to date. A report from the Subcommittee on Holiday Shopping has also been submitted to this meeting of the Economic Development Committee.

Consultations took place through stakeholder meetings, telephone poll, online survey, email submission, and public meetings between November 2011 and July 2012. The consultations provided a forum for a frank and respectful exchange of views among all stakeholders, many with strongly held views. Although there was no consensus among the stakeholders, the consultations were successful in soliciting input and produced a better understanding and appreciation of the range of perspectives on this topic. Through the consultations, staff heard from all the stakeholders identified by City Council including Business Improvement Areas (BIA’s), community groups, members of Council, the Workers Action Centre, legal clinics and others who represent employees.

Staff also conducted an extensive review of holiday shopping regulations in other jurisdictions. This is the first time information on holiday shopping in southern Ontario has been compiled. There are 81 municipalities in southern Ontario that permit holiday shopping. More than 60% of municipalities in southern Ontario with a holiday shopping exemption apply the exemption to the entire city, and at least 90% of retail business establishments are open on following four days: Victoria Day, Canada Day, Labour Day and Thanksgiving Day. The number of municipalities that permit shopping on public  holidays is increasing.

This report takes into consideration the views held by all stakeholders on this topic and recommends amendments to the existing by-law in order to establish a more fair and equitable solution. The recommendation would require retailers to remain closed on five of the public holidays: New Year’s Day, Family Day, Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Christmas Day, and give retail operators the choice to open on the remaining four holidays: Victoria Day, Canada Day, Labour Day and Thanksgiving Day between the
hours of 10:00 AM and 6:00 PM.

AGCO Liquor Licence Application: The Pinball Cafe, 1662 Queen St West

The Pinball Cafe, located at 1662 Queen St West has applied to the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario for a liquor licence for an establishment with 57 seats.

Any questions or concerns should be directed to <[email protected]>.  As the placard on the property has been advertising this application since October 19, 2012,  the deadline for submissions is November 17, 2012.  Please copy your submission to Councillor Gord Perks at <[email protected]>.

Councillor Perks will meet with the applicant to review the list of conditions (below), that the community has developed over the last few years in response to past AGCO applications in Parkdale.


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Notice to Members: Filming At Queen & Dufferin Today

This is to notify our members that there will be a short film being produced today at the amphitheatre at the north west corner of Queen Street West and Dufferin Street.  Filming should take approximately 5 hours.  Two production vehicles will be parked in NO STOPPING or NO STANDING AREAS under PDO supervision.

All business / delivery / driveway/ pedestrian / handicapped / TTC / traffic /emergency vehicle accesses to be maintained.If problems occur at this filming location between the hours of 0700 and 1500 (Mon-Fri) call P.C. Michael Mead, Film Liaison Officer, at 416-808-5082. At all other times call Eric Jensen, Manager TFTO 416-697-0257 or 416-808-2222 (TIPS switchboard).


Notice to Members re: Toronto Public Health Scam

We have been alerted to a scam targeting businesses in Toronto by a member of the Roncesvalles .

A person or company posing as the Toronto Public Health department is calling businesses stating that they are obliged to purchase a first aid kit from them.

In this instance staff received two calls, the first saying that they had to purchase a first aid kit, a second from the “shipping department” asking to confirm the business address (which they declined to do.)

The callers refused to supply a name or phone number.  City staff have confirmed that this is a scam.

Please be wary, alert your staff, and do not fall for this scam.

The Parkdale BIA & TD Green Streets Garden Ceremony

Our gorgeous new plaque at the Elm Grove garden – plaque holder by Phil Sarazen; Graphic Design by Joel Hentges; Text by Ellie Anglin

Ribbon Cutting by Tenzin Tekan on behalf of Peggy Nash, MP Parkdale High Park; John Doherty, Chair, Parkdale BIA; Cheng Wang, TD Bank; Gord Perks, Councillor Ward 14; Ed Borczon, Tree Canada

Planting the Roots for a Greener Parkdale

 TD Green Streets awards the Parkdale Village BIA with $15,000 for tree planting initiative –

Parkdale, Toronto, Ontario (October 17, 2012) – The Parkdale Village BIA is pleased to announce it has been selected by TD Friends of the Environment Foundation (TD FEF) and Tree Canada to receive a $15,000 grant from the TD Green Streets program for its 2012 urban reforestation program. 75 applications were submitted to the 2012 TD Green Streets program, and the Parkdale Village BIA represents one of 21 municipalities selected to receive a grant.

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