Join us May 13 for Spring into Parkdale Sidewalk Festival & Night Market!

More Markets, more Music, more Food, more Shopping, more Fun for the whole community! Saturday May 13th marks the 5th Annual Spring into Parkdale Sidewalk Festival and what better way to celebrate all that Parkdale has to offer then by bringing together all of our favorite things about this wonderful community. Come and experience Parkdale Love!

From 11am-6pm enjoy musical & artistic entertainment, free activities, a sidewalk sale along Queen Street West, side road closures and over 4 Pop Up Markets. Plus, launching this year the 10,000 sqft ‘Foodora Night Market’ from 4pm-10pm where you can enjoy some of Parkdale’s most eclectic food and Chef’s all in one place and under the stars! From $5 to $12 enjoy cuisine from around the world and most importantly from Parkdale Chefs! From glorious donuts to Tibetan, Japanese & Cuban inspired cuisine, includes food vendors, musical entertainment, bike parking, patio seating & more! Entry to market is free, vouchers for food can be purchased online (here) or on site, each purchaser receives a $10 Foodora coupon, plus visit 4+ food vendors & you could win a $200 Gift Card to any Parkdale Restaurant, $30 Foodora Credit & your favorite Toronto’s Finest artist designed cell phone case! (Vegetarian & Vegan options are available, unlicensed area, all ages.)

Stay tuned for weekly announcements about attractions, entertainment, giveaways and the Foodora Night Market’ Chef line up!

Follow #springintoparkdale on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to stay connected and we hope your family will join our Parkdale family on May 13!

Want to Volunteer or be a Vendor, email us today at [email protected]


Call for Mural Artists for Bell Box Murals Project!

Parkdale Village BIA is excited to announce the PARKDALE NEIGHBOURHOOD MURALS 2017 PROJECT!

Artists are invited to apply to paint a mural on (1) one of (8) eight Bell Canada outdoor utility boxes in the Parkdale neighbourhood in Toronto, Ontario, as part of the 2017 Bell Box Murals Project. Murals will be painted May 1 – 8, 2017.
Artists will be chosen by a BIA jury and based on 1) their connection to the community of Parkdale, 2) experience painting on outdoor surfaces, 3) concept for the mural and 4) a portfolio of past work.
Interested mural artists are invited to apply by 5:00 pm, Friday, March 24, 2017. Murals will be unveiled at the Spring into Parkdale Sidewalk Festival and Market on Saturday
May 13th. To receive more details about applying please email [email protected] to receive a Proposal Package.

The Parkdale Neighbourhood Murals is funded by the Parkdale Village BIA and are a partnership between the Bell Box Murals Project and Bell Canada.
DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS – 5:00 pm, Friday, March 24, 2017.

Since 2009 artists from the Bell Boxes Murals Project have painted 172 murals on Bell Canada outdoor utility boxes in 23 communities throughout Toronto, Southern Ontario and Quebec. The Bell Boxes Murals Project is an independent, community-engaged art program and not part of Bell Canada. Paint for project is donated by Benjamin Moore Paint.
To view past murals visit the below Facebook page:

Call for Sponsors, Vendors, Entertainers – Spring Festival 2017!

The PAVBIA is excited to share that planning has kicked off for the 5th Annual Spring into Parkdale Sidewalk Festival & Market on May 13th with some amazing additions in the works for 2017. Last years side road closures at Cowan Avenue & Callender Street proved to be a hit and the BIA hopes to build on the Market atmosphere by adding a 10,000 sqft outdoor Food Market to compliment the already bustling activities and over 150+ attractions along Queen Street West from Dufferin to Roncesvalles. The 10,000 sqft Market space will allow us to highlight the eclectic food (and drink) experience available in our community from around the world. If you would like to explore ways to participate as a Sponsor, Food Vendor, Entertainer etc. within the Market & Festival, please contact us below.

Call for Sponsors: Parkdale Spring Festival Sponsorship – May 2017

Call for Food Vendors: Parkdale Spring Festival – Call for Food Vendors – May 2017

Call for Artists & Entertainers: Parkdale Spring Festival – Call for Entertainers & Artists – May 2017

Please submit the following details by Friday March 31 via email to [email protected] and check out photos from last years event here.


Commercial Façade Improvement Grant Program Now Open

The Commercial Façade Improvement Program provides funding to commercial and private property owners to redesign, renovate or restore commercial or industrial building façades. The eligible improvements include, but are not limited to, brick cleaning, restoration, wheelchair accessibility, doors, signage, windows, lighting and masonry.

What are the benefits?

Improving the appearance of your building’s façade shows that you care about your property. In addition, your neighborhood streetscape is improved. This provides a more welcoming environment to work, shop and live.

How is funding calculated?

Half of the cost of eligible improvements to commercial or industrial building façades is covered and will be based on the lowest contractor estimate submitted with the application. The minimum funding is $2,500 with a maximum of $10,000 for non-corner properties. A corner property is eligible for maximum funding of $12,500.

Who is eligible?

  • You must be the property owner or have the permission of the property owner
  • Your building must be located in a Business Improvement Area (BIA) that has been in existence for five (5) or more years
  • You must not owe outstanding taxes to the City
  • You must not start your improvement project before the funding application is approved
  • You must have not received the maximum façade improvement funding for your property in previous years.

How do I apply?

  1. Applicant contacts the City’s BIA Office to determine eligibility
    Phone 416-392-1005
    Fax: 416-392-1380
    E-mail: [email protected]
  2. Applicant completes application form
  3. City reviews the application. Funding review committees are composed of local architects, business owners, historical experts and other community representatives and make recommendations to City Council
  4. City approves or declines the application
  5. City issues funding cheques to successful applicants upon completion of the agreed-upon work.

For more info click here or contact our office for further assistance.

Parkdale Village BIA wins Community Engagement Award from TABIA


Parkdale Villager

The Parkdale Village Business Improvement Area (BIA) is the recipient of the Community Engagement Award from the Toronto Association of Business Improvement Areas (TABIA).

The award ceremony, which took place last month, gave the Parkdale Village BIA the award for its participation as a member of the steering committee in the Parkdale Planning Study, conducted by the Parkdale Community Economic Development (PCED) Planning project. The study aims to protect Parkdale’s diversity, inclusivity and affordability through a neighbourhood plan.

The BIA was one of several organizations involved in the 18-month neighbourhood-wide planning initiative to create the plan, which is funded by Metcalf Foundation, Ontario Trillium Foundation, Echo Foundation, and Catharine Donnelly Foundation.

“It was wonderful to be acknowledged by TABIA,” said Anna Bartula, the executive director of the Parkdale Village BIA.

“But I think at the end of the day, we’re grateful that the award ceremony has given us an even bigger opportunity to highlight the Parkdale Planning Study and give it a bit more of a platform … when this project came to light, the board realized a very important document could come out of this and to not contribute wouldn’t have made sense at all.”

Members at TABIA have noticed the effort and overall engagement the BIA has helped garner through the planning study and were impressed they were able to not only help create this study, but to begin to take action on some the findings that were discovered, including helping to fund and co-ordinate the creation of the Parkdale solidarity mural at Queen Street West and Callendar Street.

“Plans often get done and collect dust, but what was impressive was they were able to implement the findings (in the planning study) right away, and it’s these little wins that make a difference in a community,” said John Kiru, the executive director of TABIA.

“One of the things we advocate for is the local business community to engage and be involved in the local community. After all, in retail, especially in the BIA world, the community is what sustains them. Engaging the local community, that’s the foundation for local economic well-being as a community as a whole.”

The Parkdale BIA often “works in the shadows”, said Bartula, when it comes to community engagement, and that’s how it’s always been. It often works as the liaison point between people who wish to partner or collaborate with a community organization or with Parkdale in general in some way.

“We’re a significant part of the community so anything we can do to help promote the planning study and keep it moving forward and keep people talking about it is important. The award is just a bonus,” said Bartula.

You’re Invited to Parkdale Villages 138th Anniversary Celebration – Jan 26!

The Parkdale Village BIA invites residents, visitors, shop owners and Parkdale lovers to celebrate the 138th Year Anniversary of Parkdale Village.

Although January 1st marks the date that Parkdale became a village, the Parkdale Village BIA (PVBIA) will be celebrating the rich history of Parkdale Village from January 26-29th, 2017 by inviting residents and visitors to take a stroll down memory lane, explore the many businesses who will be celebrating in their own ways, and admire the Victorian architecture within Parkdale Village. The four day celebration kicks off with an evening Reception on Thursday January 26th, 2017, 8pm at Cadillac Lounge 1296 Queen Street West(To RSVP or for Media requests email [email protected])

Residents and visitors will also be encouraged to learn more about the community by visiting the Parkdale Village BIA and Facebook page, where historical photos and stories will be shared throughout the month.
Visit us online for daily announcements and Anniversary specials from your favorite shops and share your own photos of Parkdale by using the hashtag #proudlyparkdale

With the recent West Queen West Heritage Study on everyone’s mind, this is a great occasion to reminisce about the past and share our hopes for the future! Learn more about Parkdale Village history here!


Parkdale Cycling Study Released

Study: Cyclists and Pedestrians Make Up the Majority of Shoppers in Toronto’s Parkdale Neighbourhood

A new study of the Parkdale area of Queen Street West (“Bike Lanes On-Street Parking and Business_ A Study of Queen Street West in Torontos Parkdale Neighbourhood) highlights the economic importance of cyclists and pedestrians to the area, despite the tendency of local merchants to overestimate the prevalence of those arriving by car.

In the fall of 2015, 698 visitors and 60 merchants were surveyed along the section of Queen Street West between Dufferin Street and Roncesvalles Avenue. The surveys explored methods of travel, perceived methods of travel and the spending habits of visitors, among other information.

Key findings of the survey show surprising differences between visitors’ habits and merchants’ perceptions:

  • 72% of visitors to the Study Area usually arrive by active transportation (by bicycle or walking). Only 4% report that driving is their usual mode of transportation.
    • However, almost half of the merchants surveyed estimated that more than 25% of their customers drove, and one in five merchants estimated that over half their clientele drove
  • Visitors who reported using active transportation to visit the Study Area visited more often and spent more money per month than those who usually drove or relied on public transit.
  • Visitors to the Study Area were much more likely to prefer a bike lane or widened sidewalks over no change to the streetscape, even if this resulted in the loss of on-street parking.

“These findings are a reminder of the importance that street design has on shopping behaviour and the positive impact the local customer base has on their local economy when they shop in their community.” said Anna Bartula Executive Director of the Parkdale Village BIA “It’s a win-win for businesses and communities when streets are designed for the accessibility, comfort and safety of all users—cyclists, pedestrians, and drivers.”

The Parkdale study was developed and administered by volunteers of Cycle Toronto’s Ward 14 Advocacy Group, in cooperation with the Toronto Centre for Active Treansportation and the Parkdale Village Business Improvement Area (PVBIA). A seven-member working group provided direction and research support, including analysis and report writing.

This study was modeled on earlier studies of the Annex, Bloor West Village and Danforth Avenue conducted by TCAT, which revealed similar results about the economic importance of cyclists and pedestrians in downtown Toronto.[1] The methodology of the Parkdale study mirrors those of the previous studies, corroborating this body of research and contributing to a more comprehensive understanding of the relationship between shopping behaviour and modes of transportation.

Read the full report here.

About Cycle Toronto: Cycle Toronto is a member-supported organization that advocates for a healthy, safe, cycling-friendly city for all. Volunteers in the Ward Advocacy program, currently active in 26 of Toronto’s 44 municipal wards, organize outreach activities in their respective wards. For more information see

For more info contact: Maxine Chan, Cycle Toronto Ward 14, [email protected]

Skip the Big Box Stores & Shop Local!


You can expect a busy shopping day Friday, Nov. 25, otherwise known as Black Friday, but it doesn’t have to be a stressful one. Parkdale Village BIA executive director Anna Bartula said Black Friday is the kick off holiday shopping season for many people, a day filled with retail deals, and one that is also full of line-ups, parking headaches and jostling in shops.

“My survival tip is to shop within your local community, because that’s where you’re going to find no line-ups and you’re not going to get that overwhelming bustle of a shopping centre where you are fighting for parking, lining up to eat, trying to find a bathroom, waiting in line to get into large shops,” she said.

That sentiment is echoed by the Toronto Association of Business Improvement Areas, which encourages shoppers to visit their local market. When Black Friday retail deals arrived in Canada a few years ago, it was the Canadian retailers’ response to the deals shoppers were increasingly finding online and south of the border as a way to re-capture those shoppers. Now, it has fully blown into a Canadian shopping day.

Toronto’s BIAs launched their Shop Local campaign a few years ago on Black Friday weekend, trying to capture those same shoppers with their own deals.

For some retailers, particularly the larger chain stores, the day has even surpassed Boxing Day, Bartula said. That’s even evident at Metroland Media Toronto, which last year delivered 20 million flyers the week of Black Friday, while delivering 15.6 million flyers leading up to Boxing Day. Black Friday flyer deliver had surpassed Boxing Day some years before.

While Black Friday may have surpassed Boxing Day, Bartula said the two days offer different opportunities for shoppers. “Boxing Day is the day I go out and get a mattress,” she said. “On Black Friday or Shop Local weekend, it’s gift-giving, that’s certainly on the majority of people’s minds.”

Black Friday began in the United States as the shopping day after Thanksgiving, much like Canada’s Boxing Day, according to Schulich School of Business marketing professor Detlev Zwick. Thanksgiving is often a bigger holiday than Christmas in the U.S. because it is a four-day holiday and Boxing Day is not a statutory holiday like it is in Canada. “Black Friday has become a globalized phenomenon,” he said. “For example, I was watching Russian television and they have ads for Black Friday there. There is no Thanksgiving in Russia.”

Each year, more and more countries embrace Black Friday and the ease of shopping online has fuelled the shopping event even further.

While one may think a sale event like Black Friday would increase the number of dollars spent on holiday gifts as people prepare for December, that’s not necessarily the case, Zwick added. Essentially, having such a large event means holiday shopping dollars is concentrated on one day rather than spread out over a longer period of time. Many shoppers set finite holiday shopping budgets, meaning the amount of money spent on Black Friday merchandise will determine how much retailers spend throughout December leading up to Christmas.

– Read full story here as published by Inside Toronto and Shop Local in Parkdale Village!

Parkdale Community Planning Study Released

The Parkdale Community Economic Development (PCED) Planning Project and the Parkdale Village Business Improvement Area (PVBIA)

The PCED Planning Project was an 18-month neighbourhood-wide planning initiative to create the Parkdale Planning Study and Parkdale Neighbourhood Plan.  Released in October 2016, the project saw community members, agency staff, PVBIA, business owners, community leaders and academics take part in interviews, surveys, focus groups and planning workshops, resulting in a lengthy report with a vision for Parkdale Village that emphasizes four overarching values: Inclusiveness, Affordability, Diversity and Equity.

The report offers a big picture of the current state of Parkdale, and a comprehensive and rational analysis of community challenges and opportunities.  The PVBIA committed to supporting the development of the Neighbourhood Plan through its involvement with the steering committee, workshops as well as sponsoring the Parkdale Neighbourhood Land Trust Solidarity Mural now installed at Queen St. West and Callendar St.  PVBIA’s commitment will continue over the years as we along with many other stakeholders help support the overarching values of the plan.

Click here for the initial Summary Report

Click here for the full Parkdale Planning Study Report




Are you ready to Shop Local this Holiday – Deals, Promotions, Parties!

On November 26, 2016, Canadians nationwide are being encouraged to Shop Locally within their Neighbourhoods, to make a local purchase and take advantage of exclusive event deals offered by the businesses in their areas. The weekend celebrates small businesses and reminds Canadians how local shopping makes a difference in all our lives.  So we ask you Parkdale, help us celebrate and choose to #Shoplocal or #ShopTOWest on Nov 26 within our amazing Parkdale Village! Shop Local NOW Mag - 2015But that’s not all, don’t let your support of community entrepreneurs start and end on Nov 26, we hope you’ll shop and re-explore your community throughout December.

Stay tuned for dozens of deals, promotions and local stories we’ll be sharing or take a look at the Sneak Peak below!. Share your own local recommendations and favorites to shopping local by using hashtag #parkdale #shopTOWest & #shoplocal

12 Reasons to Give the Gift of Local

5 Canadian Consumer Trends to Shape the Future of Retail

Top 10 Reasons to Support Locally Owned Businesses

A Sneak Peak at Shop Local Deals & Events this Holiday Season!


Tuesdays & Thursdays till Dec 8
Who: Klute Hair
What: Pre holiday turn up!! Bring a friend that’s new to the shop and you get $20 off & they get 20% off! Hair Party!


November 13
Who: Parkdale Flea
What: Parkdale Flea Market


November 25
Who: The Well of Alternative Medicine
What: Pre Black Friday Sale


November 25
Community 54
What: Black Friday Sale 25% off Everything


November 25
Studio 1686
What: Black Friday Sale Additional 20% off


November 25
Sylvie & Shimmy
What: Black Friday Sale Additional 20% off Everything


November 25
In Vintage We Trust
What: Black Friday Sale from 15%- 30% off


November 25
Shopgirls Gallery Boutique
What: Black Friday Sale Online


November 25
North Standard Trading Post
What: Black Friday Sale


November 25
Three Fates
What: Black Friday Sale 20% off


November 26
Bike Pirates
What: Black Wavelength Series Show featuring an Indie lineup


November 26
Cadillac Lounge
What: BackTrack Concert with special guest Liberty Silver


November 27
Food & Liquor
What: 1st Winter BBQ Session


November 27
Parts and Labour
What: Eat Noodles Give Money with proceeds going towards PARC

tdmholidayshoppingnightflat-copy November 23
Who: Toronto Designers Market
What: Holiday Shopping Night (Must RSVP)


December 1
Who: West End Food Coop
What: Special Membership Appreciation Day (15% off for Members)


December 3
Who: Bonar-Parkdale Church
What: Christmas Bazaar


December 3
Parkdale Jr. & Sr. Public School
Winter Fair


December 3
Parkdale Library
What: Festive Season Celebration


 December 3
Who: Crown Flora Studio
What: Annual Wreath Making Workshop


December 9-20
Who: West End Food Coop
What: 12 Days of Craft pop-up holiday shop.  Each day featuring a different local craft vendor.


December 10-11
Who: Parkdale Flea
What: Parkdale Flea Holiday Market

December 15
Who: Kitson and Co Sandwiches and Love & Greed
What: Christmas in Parkdale Party

December 15
Who: Toronto Designers Market
What: Holiday Shopping Night

December 15
Who: Suigeneris Living
What: Photography Exhibit & Fundraiser

December 15
Who: Future of Frances Watson
What: 6th Annual Christmas Party

December 17 & 18
Who: Crown Flora Studio
What: Holiday Market

December 23
Who: The Grand Trunk
What: Festivus Party

December 31
Who: Stones Place
What: New Years Party

December 31
Who: Parts and Labour
What: New Years Party

December 31
Who: The Parkdale Drink
What: New Years Party

December 31
Who: Cadillac Lounge
What: New Years Party