Membership Benefits

The Parkdale Village BIA provides a number of services to its commercial property owners and tenants. Additionally, if you have any questions related to your property and business, we are here to guide and support you, contact us today or download the Welcome Package – Membership Overview – PVBIA 2017

Marketing kindess
The Parkdale Village BIA helps promote your business using a variety of Marketing initiatives such as our online directory, monthly Newsletter, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and News articles. The BIA also produces and distributes a Parkdale Community Brochure – Fall 2017 as well as hands out branded promotional bags at events.

Events insta
The Parkdale Village BIA sponsors a series of events throughout the year in addition to producing our own events and promotions (which include sidewalk sales) such as the Parkdale Village Anniversary, Spring into Parkdale Sidewalk Festival & Night Market in May & Random Acts of Kindness Ambassadors. If you would like to explore participating in the above events, promotion or need assistance with media coverage, please contact us today or download the Welcome Package – Marketing Snapshot – PVBIA 2017

Graffiti Removal
Was your façade recently damaged by Graffiti? IMG_2411
The Parkdale Village BIA manages the removal of graffiti from the front of your building façade as well as the sides (up to 25 feet from the sidewalk). Regularly scheduled inspections and removals take place throughout the year, if you have an immediate inquiry, contact us today. If you require graffiti removal beyond the BIA parameters, please call 311.

Mural Grant
Are you interested in having a Mural installed?  Mural in Library Parking Lot 1 - 2009
StreetARToronto or StART is a new, pro-active program that aims to develop, support, promote and increase awareness of street art and its indispensable role in adding beauty and character to neighbourhoods across Toronto, while counteracting graffiti vandalism and its harmful effect on communities. If you would like to learn more about this program, click here. Additionally, you can visit The City of Toronto Financial Incentive Program Page for other mural grant opportunities.

Hanging Floral Baskets
Do you need some flowers to spruce up your storefront? Bracket Photo 1
The Parkdale Village BIA manages the installation and watering of floral hanging baskets. The baskets are hung from a decorative metal bracket that is secured to your façade, this bracket remains year round. For more details on this program, contact us today.

Decorative Lighting
The Parkdale Village BIA manages the over 20+ decorative pedestrian lights along Pedestrian Light PhotoQueen Street West which are part of a number of neighbourhood beautification projects under the Streetscape Capital Design Strategy. The decorative lights serves many purposes, they help create safer streets, enhance way finding and gateway intersections into the area as well as helps tie the area visually. In 2013 the BIA completed Phase 3 of the Pedestrian Lighting project with an additional 20+ lamps being installed on City of Toronto & Hydro posts. If you would like to report any damage or maintenance needs, contact us today.

Street Décor flower
The Parkdale Village BIA manages the installation of seasonal floral arrangements within the 80+ planters along Queen Street West, additionally; the BIA manages the decorative winter lighting (snowflakes) on the pedestrian lights and the year round Parkdale Village banners located on the hydro poles. If you would like to report any damage or maintenance needs, contact us today.

The World Peace Monument
The Parkdale Village BIA manages the maintenance of theIMG_3834 monument located outside the Toronto Public Library in the Parkdale ‘Town Square’. The monument/fountain was erected in 2005 and is currently scheduled for repairs. If you have any questions regarding the status of the structure please contact our office.    

Commercial Façade Improvement Program
Are you thinking of improving your commercial building facade?
The City of Toronto, Economic Development administers the program which provides funding to property owners and tenants to redesign, renovate or restore commercial building facades.
Eligible improvements include, but are not limited to, brick cleaning, restoration, wheelchair accessibility, doors, signage, windows, lighting and masonry. For more details on the program and eligibility, please call the City of Toronto at 416-392-1005 or visit The City of Toronto Financial Incentive Program Page. You can also view the 2013 Facade Improvement Program Presentation.

Group Insurance
Our BIA and Pyramid Wealth Management Inc. have worked together to offer you customized business financial plans for our BIA members, Including Health and Dental benefits for individuals and families, Employee Benefit Plans for your company, Critical Illness Insurance, Key-Person Insurance, Retirement plans or customize your plan for what you really want and need for you and your business. For more information click here or call 416-366-2971 ext 7490.

Whose Job is it?
For all other inquires ranging from litter on streets, sidewalk repair, broken street lights, request for bike posts, damaged garbage bin and more, please download The City of Toronto’s Whose Job is it Guide.

For more details on BIA’s, please visit Toronto Association of Business Improvements Areas (TABIA).