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The Parkdale Village BIA funds and manages a number of neighboFloral Hanging Basketurhood beautification projects and assets in the area which help beautify, create safer streets, enhances way finding and gateway intersections into the area as well as helping tie the area together visually.

We continue to manage the installation, watering and maintenance of our 180+ floral assets that include sidewalk planters, hanging flower baskets on storefronts and 7 gardens, including the newly renamed Parkdale People & Pollinators Peace Garden, in Honour of Parkdale’s Black Communities, located at Queen W & O’Hara.

The hanging floral baskets are hung from a decorative metal bracket that is secured to your façade and remains year-round.

The sidewalk planters are permanent fixtures and are located along Queen Street West and on select side streets. Seasonal floral arrangements are watered and installed in the Spring & Winter. Please contact us to report any vandalism or damage.

As part of our mandate to create safer streets, enhance way findiPedestrian Light Photong and gateway intersections into the area as well as help tie the area visually, the BIA has installed over 40 pedestrian lights along Queen Street West and some side streets. Seasonal décor such as floral hanging baskets or decorative winter lighting (i.e. snowflakes) are added to the pedestrian lights. To report damage or maintenance needs contact our office.

Parkdale’s public art is an attractive display of community pride and local talent. The BIA worked with local artists to add 8 new murals on Bell utility boxes in 2017 and regularly supports new mural projects to beautify the neighbourhood. The StreetARToronto (or StART) is a pro-active program that aims to develop, support, promote and increase awareness of street art and its indispensable role in adding beauty and character to neighbourhoods across Toronto, while counteracting graffiti vandalism and its harmful effect on communities. If you would like to learn more about this program, click here. Additionally, you can visit The City of Toronto Financial Incentive Outdoor Mural & Street Art Program page for other mural grant opportunities. Let us know if you would like to have a mural installed in your laneway or on your building!

In 2017, over 600 instances of graffiti were removed in Parkdale for the purpose of the BIA’s graffiti removal maintenance program. As part of your membership we pay and manage removal from the front of your building façade as well as the sides (up to 25 feet from the sidewalk). Inspections and removals take place on a bi-weekly basis (weather depending). Let us know if your building requires attention within or beyond the parameters.

New in 2019, the BIA launched a Clean Streets program. In 2022 the program will continue to expand to include weekly year round street cleaning by Parkdale Green Thumb Enterprises. The program is supported by the City of Toronto, Solid Waste Management Services.

The BIA has a number of other branded assets such as 32 decorative banners on utility poles, as well as Parkdale stickers on 30+ City litter receptacles. In 2018, a number of the aging Village of Parkdale street signs were updated and by 2021 we hope to add decorative Gateway Signage at the Queen Street West & Roncesvalles Avenue intersection.

The 2022 Commercial Facade & Property Improvement Grant is now open, details can be explored here;  (click here), from the City of Toronto for Economic Development which administers a program that provides funding to property owners and tenants to redesign, renovate or restore commercial building facades.

Applications will be accepted until May 5, 2022, or when funds are expended, whichever comes first.  

Eligible improvements include, but are not limited to, brick cleaning, restoration, wheelchair accessibility, doors, signage, windows, lighting and masonry.

For more details on the program and eligibility, please call the City of Toronto at 416-392-1005, email: [email protected] or visit The City of Toronto Financial Incentive Program Page. You can also view the 2013 Facade Improvement Program Presentation or call our office and we can assist you with the Grant Application process.

IMG_3834The BIA manages the maintenance of the World Peace Monument located outside the Toronto Public Library Parkdale Branch in the Parkdale ‘Town Square’. The monument/fountain was erected in 2005. Unfortunately, the foundation has extensive structural damage, however, the BIA hopes the Parkdale Community HUB project (click here) will allow us to finally rejuvenate the Monument. If you have any questions regarding the status of the structure or would like to report vandalism, please contact our office.

Our BIA and Pyramid Wealth Management Inc. have worked together to offer you customized business financial plans for our BIA members. This includes health and dental benefits for individuals and families, Employee Benefit Plans for your company, Key-Person Insurance, Retirement Plans or custom plans. For more information, visit Pyramid Wealth Management Inc. or call 416-366-2971 ext. 7490.

Need a license or permit? Questions about your Property Tax Assessment? Want to get money back for reducing your energy use? The BIA is here to help you navigate City processes and take advantage of its resources, services, and incentive programs. Let us know how we can help you.


The Parkdale Village BIA promotes your business or organization through our web directory, enewsletter and active social media accounts. In addition to our shop window decals and reusable bags, we typically produce and distribute over 2,000 community brochures and support and sponsor a number of community initiatives.
Have an event you need help with or wish to promote? Contact us today!

‘Parkdale Village Anniversary’ Campaign – February 2022 

Celebrate the 143rd anniversary of Parkdale becoming a village by sharing stories, photos and memories. Use #proudlyparkdale and #parkdalelove to follow along. Click here for past coverage.

‘Shop Local This Holiday Season’ Campaign – November 25 2022

This campaign encourages shoppers to support local businesses during the holiday season. In addition to our subway and bus shelter advertising and poster campaign we promote shopping across our web and social media platforms. Let us know if you have a deal or sale we can share!

Throughout the year the Parkdale Village BIA sponsors and supports over a dozen local events throughout the year through the BIA Community Festival & Event Fund. Past sponsored events include initiatives such as; Parkdale FitPlay, Momo Crawl, Vintage Crawl, Parkdale School Fun Fair, Parkdale Collegiate Institute Student Photography Initiative etc. If you have a community initiative you would like to share with us, please click here.