Toronto’s fight to cap restaurants in Parkdale goes to OMB

A recent article by , City Hall Bureau reporter published on April 8th summarised the recent council meeting regarding the Restaurant Study:

Toronto isn’t backing down from its bid to cap the number of restaurants growing like artisanal mushrooms in Parkdale.

On Tuesday, the Toronto and East York Community Council rejected a request to stand down on a battle with the restaurant industry that’s gone to the Ontario Municipal Board, which has ordered the two sides to meet with a mediator on June 23.

The sudden proliferation of restaurants along Queen St. West may be great news for foodies, but for nearby residents and councillor Gord Perks (Ward 14, Parkdale-High Park), it’s become a problem.

There are 71 establishments on Queen between Dufferin St. and Roncesvalles Ave., of which 34 have opened since 2008. On one 300-metre stretch between Dufferin and Brock Ave., 19 of the 57 properties — one in three — is a restaurant.

It’s too many, says Perks, who has pushed to cap the number at 25 per cent, meaning that only one of every four properties can be a restaurant.

The restaurant industry opposes caps as an interference in the free market and is urging the city to instead step up enforcement to control noise, litter, rowdyism and other things that spark complaints.

The community council rejected a request to seek an adjournment of the municipal board case, which could go to a five-day hearing before the OMB if mediation doesn’t resolve the issue.

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Restaurant Study Pre-hearing February 14, 2014

A hearing for the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) challenge of a City of Toronto bylaw limiting the concentration of bars on Queen Street West in Parkdale takes place Feb. 14. City council adopted the bylaw last summer after the planning department completed a restaurant study of the strip. The bylaw included a cap on the number of bars along Queen West between Dufferin Street and Roncesvalles Avenue to 25 per cent. It also had a number of rules around size of dance floors, patios and prohibiting bars on second floors of buildings.

During that study a moratorium was placed on new bars, restaurants and bakeries opening. Since the bylaw was appealed by the Ontario Restaurant Hotel and Motel Association, the moratorium has remained in place.

An OMB pre-hearing is the first time those involved in the hearing meet. Pre-hearings are held to help identify issues, parties and participants; to determine what documents should be exchanged; and determine procedures before and during the hearing. They are also a time to set future hearing dates. For more details about this Parkdale Village article click here, and for case study details click: OMB Restaurant Study Pre-hearing – Feb 2014.