Parkdale… Who Knew?

Parkdale Architecture

There are many reasons why I feel so lucky to live and work in Parkdale.  One of these is Parkdale’s wealth of beautiful architecture. Many of our buildings are quite old and, standing alongside new developments, are silent testaments to Parkdale’s past and present.

Most buildings are lovingly maintained while others have fallen victim to the ravages of time, yet  their original beauty can still be seen on our daily walks through Parkdale if we just look up.

This is the main door of 1313 Queen West, home of the Gallery 1313, Artscape artists residences, the Parkdale Community Development Group and us, the Parkdale Village BIA.

The other door of 1313, the one that I go into every day to work.


The Cash Max Steeple.


Has anyone else noticed that there is a castle above Best Convenience and Signature Wear?


The beautiful Our Lady of Lebanon Church.

Immaculately kept building above Ground Level Cafe.


The monumental entrance to…

… Bank of Canada.


The Toronto Hydro Electric System

And its decorative Sub-Station plaque from 1927. Oh, the gay twenties!


This grand-looking apartment complex is somehow tucked away even though it’s right on Queen (by Lansdowne).  It reminds me of a classy, vintage version of Melrose Place.  In the Spring and Summer it’s nice to see families and kids playing in the courtyard.

Look at the stately hood molding on the arch above the front door!

Antique stained glass window (correct me if I’m wrong) above Frou Frou Vintage.

These are only a couple of pictures I snapped on my Westerly walk in Parkdale last week.  I’d love to do an expose on the architecture in the Eastside of Parkdale, so stay tuned!  Also, if you know of any interesting buildings in Parkdale that you would like to share with me, I would love to hear about them!  Please email me at info(at)