We’re Hiring – Project Manager!

Job Description
Position: Project Manager
Reports to: Board of Management and Committee Chairs
Location: Parkdale Village, Toronto, ON
Status:  Full Time, Contract (June 2014 – May 2015)
Salary Range: $40,000-$44,000; Competitive Compensation Packages

This role is responsible for the effective implementation of the 2014/2015 Marketing Strategy and continued management of Streetscape Strategy projects, including development, operations and execution.

Key Accountabilities:
Planning and Execution
The Project Manager provides marketing and event project management, streetscape project management, customer service, administrative support, and general assistance to the BIA. The individual must be a self-starter and possess strong organizational skills to ensure that priorities are assigned to projects and activities.

Reporting to the Board of Management through the BIA Chair [or designate], the BIA Project Manager’s responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Implement programs and policies as approved by the Board;
  • Financial management
  • Establish, encourage and maintain positive, constructive and proactive relationships with the BIA members as well as those non-members whose action can impact the BIA; and
  • human resource coordination
  • All administrative functions of the BIA

Duties of the BIA Project Manager include the following:


  • Maintain and implement all marketing and event projects and promotions as directed by the Board;
  • Execute all elements of project management and marketing mix (advertising, printing, media, volunteer recruitment, permits, budgets, logistics, etc.)
  • Monthly communications with existing BIA members via email, social media, phone
  • Monthly communication via newsletter, prepare, produce and distribute
  • Monthly communications via website articles, prepare, produce and post new & existing news
  • Weekly website maintenance and updates
  • Daily communications via social media (twitter, Instagram, Facebook)
  • Outreach to new BIA members via site visits and material distribution
  • Draft materials for distribution to the local community through appropriate media [door- to-door, local newspaper, etc.];
  • Preparation and distribution of press releases and other media materials;
  • Conduct all metrics such as surveys (quantitative and qualitative), analytics analysis and reporting on a monthly basis
  • Perform a cycle of visitation to merchant members every month; and act as liaison with non-BIA members.
  • Liaise with City departments such as: Economic Development Culture and Tourism Department, Urban Forestry, Parks and Recreation, Transportation and other departmental staff as appropriate;
  • Liaise with members of other BIAs and BIA associations; and
  • Liaise with community groups and agencies
  • Acts as a spokesperson for the BIA, members, board and neighbourhood maintaining high level of professionalism and integrity in all levels of communication


  • Maintain and implement all streetscape, beautification and enhancement programs as directed by the Board;
  • Prepare and administer necessary documentation in accordance with the City’s Capital Cost Sharing Program;
  • Obtain “sign-off” on all relevant documents as required by the City and the BIA; and
  • Relay project status to the BIA and organize staff/BIA meetings where appropriate.

Maintenance and Repairs

  • Maintain and monitor all floral programs, banners and light poles as directed by the Board;
  • Monitor public works and related activities [sidewalk repair, garbage receptacle replacement, garbage collection, hydro infrastructure projects, other physical repairs/improvements] in the BIA; and
  • Work with the Board to implement the area improvement schedule.
  • Maintain weekly inventory of assets and repairs


  • Schedule meetings and prepare agendas with Board and Committee Chairs;
  • Prepare and distribute committee minutes or notes, follow-up on issues as required
  • Responsible for maintaining regular office operations such as filing, folding, stuffing and mailing;
  • Maintain database (250+ members, media, committee members, etc.)
  • Prepare cheques, invoices and other financial documents; and
  • Day to day office management (phone and internet provider, IT troubleshooting, office & equipment maintenance, etc.)

Meeting Organization  

  • Reserve appropriate meeting location;
  • Make all required physical arrangements including refreshments, seating etc.;
  • Contact all required committee members and other interested parties to attend.


  • University or College Training in marketing, project management and/or equivalent
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Strong financial management and adhering to budgets
  • Strong problem solving skills using creative solutions
  • Delivers high standard of customer service and acts with integrity by promoting consistency among principles, values and behaviors
  • Impeccable organizational and record keeping skills
  • Motivated, organized and ability to concurrently manage projects and initiatives;
  • Strong social media skills [Facebook, Twitter, Instagram] & Smartphone
  • Valid Driver’s License
  • Able to walk / move extensively around the Parkdale Village BIA area
  • Knowledge of Parkdale Village Neighbourhood and experience with BIA’s an asset
  • An interest in entrepreneurship, community development and multiculturalism an asset; and
  • Strong program skills [MS Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel, Mail Chimp, Survey Monkey, WordPress]

Deadline for applications is Monday May 5th, 2014 5:00pm.

Cover letter and resume to:

Hiring Committee
Parkdale Village Business Improvement Area
1313 Queen Street West
Toronto, ON.  M6K 1L8
[email protected]