Welcome New BIA Manager

The Board of Directors of the Parkdale Village BIA are pleased to welcome Annabelle Bernard as the new BIA Manager of the organization.  We thank Anna Bartula for her 10-year contribution to the BIA as Executive Director, Anna will continue to support other BIAs around the City of Toronto & as a 40+ years resident looks forward to supporting Parkdale’s local organizations.
Like many communities, the Parkdale Village BIA is navigating a new chapter as we work to re-evaluate a post-pandemic community, with Annabelle’s leadership we look forward to creating new momentum. A statement from the new BIA Manager;

Hello, tashi delek, kumusta, dzien dobry Parkdale BIA Members!

I’m looking forward to meeting you as I transition into the role of BIA Manager for the Parkdale Village BIA. Parkdale is an innovative and creative community, reflecting the character of its businesses, residents and community organizations.

I hope to contribute to Parkdale’s unique character by utilizing my experience in local community agencies such as the community drop-in at the Parkdale Activity-Recreation Centre, Sistering and Rainbow Railroad. 

In recent years, I’ve worked with organizations, communities, and BIA’s to grow partnerships and activities through uncertain times. I look forward to meeting and working alongside community stakeholders, the Board, City departments and the membership to encourage the growth and success of our community in Parkdale Village.

Annabelle brings with her experience in working with international not-for-profits, Financial Sustainability Committees, harm reduction programs, shelters, and respites, and training in Non-Violent Crisis Intervention, Indigenous Cultural Competency, and Anti-Oppression and Trauma Training to name a few. Her work sitting on Boards, and her experience seeing firsthand how communities, residents, businesses, and organizations have been impacted in recent years, make her an exciting addition to the BIA.

Please help us in welcoming Annabelle Bernard. Any inquiries and questions can continue to be directed to [email protected]