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For questions related to streetscape maintenance, business resources, navigating City services, member support services, marketing, and events or leasing space in Parkdale, email us today at

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1313 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON M6K 1L8
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Have a service request?

For City waste collection, street and sidewalk maintenance, damaged garbage bins, water main breaks, tree removal or comments/complaints.

For more information and to submit a service request, visit 311- Toronto at Your Service.

Address: 311 - Toronto at Your Service

Within Toronto city limits: call 3-1-1

Outside city limits: 416-392-2489


Twitter: @311toronto

Questions about your community?

For concerns or feedback on local development, community issues, or city planning. 

Address: Ward 4 Parkdale-High Park Councillor Gord Perks

Phone: 416-392-7919


Who should I call?

There are a number of local resources available to help you respond to both emergency and non-emergency situations you may encounter while doing business in Parkdale. When you contact the right service agency you help improve the efficiency of local resources to better address community challenges. Thank you for doing your part, click here to download the 2023 Membership Package which includes your Community Safety Contacts.