AGCO Liquor Licence Application: The Pinball Cafe, 1662 Queen St West

October 25, 2012
The Pinball Cafe, located at 1662 Queen St West has applied to the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario for a liquor licence for an establishment with 57 seats. Any questions or concerns should be directed to <>.  As the placard on the property has been advertising this application since October 19, 2012,  the deadline for submissions is November 17, 2012.  Please copy your submission to Councillor Gord Perks at <>. Councillor Perks will meet with the applicant to review the list of conditions (below), that the community has developed over the last few years in response to past AGCO applications in Parkdale. CONDITIONS... CONDITIONS Licence to Operate the Business 1 There shall be no dance floor provided at the Premises except for special events. For the purpose of this condition a Special Event is an event whether indoors or outdoors at the Premises that can reasonably be expected to cause a public gathering that is not part of the normal course of business at the Premises. 2 There shall be no more than two video games provided at the Premises. 3 The Premises shall not be used as a place for adult entertainment. 4 Food service shall be prepared at the Premises and be available at all times that the Premises is open for business. 5 There shall be no amplified sound from any part of the Premises causing audible noise to any residential building after 11 pm. 6 The Licensee shall provide a telephone number to area residents for residents to register concerns or complaints which will be answered by an employee of the Premises during all hours of operation. 7 The Licensee shall not require a cover charge to enter the Premises other than for special charity or corporate events. 8 Subject to final capacities established by the Fire Marshall, the Licensee shall ensure that a seat is available for every patron in the Premises. 9 There shall be no application (permanent or temporary or special occasion) for a rooftop or rear yard patio area of the licence unless the rooftop or rear yard patio can operate in full compliance with all zoning, building and other applicable laws. 10 If the Licensee applies to extend the licensed hours, either permanently, temporarily, or for a special occasion, the Licensee shall notify the local Councillor and the City Solicitor in writing. 11 In the event that the business is sold or comes under new management, written notice shall be given to the local Councillor and the City Solicitor.