Floral Hanging Basket Program: Request for Quote

December 20, 2018
The Parkdale Village BIA seeks a contractor to facilitate Floral Hanging Basket Program at various locations throughout the Parkdale Village Business Improvement Area for a six (6) month period, starting May 2019 and ending October 2019.


All RFQ documents are to be submitted electronically by Friday January 11th, 5:00pm to director@parkdalevillagebia.com. Please direct all inquiries concerning this RFQ document via email to Anna Bartula at director@parkdalevillagebia.com or by phone (416) 536-6918.

Download RFQ and related document here:
  1. Floral Hanging Basket Program - RFQ - PVBIA - Jan 2019
  2. Parkdale Village BIA Boundaries Map – 2006