Go Lounge Celebrates!

January 22, 2013
What better way to celebrate an Anniversary then with a Party! This Friday Jan 25th Samantha and Alisa invite you to join them at Go Lounge as they raise a glass to Parkdale Village`s anniversary with drink specials, giveaways, $1.34 Americanos all week long and of course board game fun! If you`re not the board game type at heart, not to worry, the friendly and social atmosphere is just enough to want to sit back and start to wish you were the board game type at heart – it`s never too late! Go Lounge
Wondering what all the hype is about, read more: blogto, Toronto Life, Well Preserved, The Grid.    Check out Samantha and Alisa`s neighbours: Eggs Benny please, enjoy some Sicilian food, eco shop, or paint that spare bedroom.               Photo: Go Lounge, PVBIA