Leitmotif Artist Profiles: Digital Futures Initiative, Exhibit Change, & Lynne Heller

September 22, 2011
DIGITAL FUTURES INITIATIVE at OCAD University | http://web1.ocad.ca/dfi/ Play with Me is an installation that explores the idea that the playful appropriation of technology is the key to a creatively fulfilling digital future. Two vehicles on Queen St. West are physically separated by city blocks, yet are fused together by a magic window. A visitor in one van peers into the other through the magic window, to get a face-to-face, life-size view of the visitor(s) in the other van. When visitors interact on either side of the window and synchronize their body movements the window playfully responds through a series of sounds, visualizations, and cues for more sophisticated synchronized formations. Kate Hartman, Director Social Body Lab, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Art, OCADU Barbara Rauch, PhD, Director e_Motion Lab, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Art, OCADU Derek Reilly, PhD, Director PICO Lab, Associate Professor, Liberal Studies, OCADU Suzanne Stein, Director SuperOrdinary Lab, Associate Professor, Faculty of Design, OCADU Emma Westecott, Directory Game:Play  Lab, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Design, OCADU [caption id="attachment_134" align="alignright" width="259" caption="Through My Lens themes might be over, but this is just the beginning. Send us your pictures and come see them at our Leitmotif | Scotiabank Nuit Blanche exhibit on October 1. We are collecting pictures until Sept. 23. "][/caption] EXHIBIT CHANGE | www.exhibit-change.com Through My Lens brings city building to the streets - everyone is invited to participate in capturing their perspective and stories about living in the city!  This is an interactive, community based project which seeks to engage and empower action to inspire and bring personal stories of the city to life. What is your favourite part of Toronto?  What do you seek to change?  If you were in charge of changing the city landscape, what would you do? Through My Lens is a 10 day, multi-city, interactive photo-voices project to bring out stories to lead to community action. Through My Lens only happens when people become involved. Through volunteer led neighbourhood walks, self-guided photography adventures and pure curiosity, we imagine that Through My Lens will ignite a new look at our spaces and to re-imagine what the city could be.  LEITMOTIF will be taking the Through My Lens images to the streets, literally! The exhibit is an interactive community based dialogue of images, stories and people connecting with the city; in a rental truck, on pedestrians, on buildings, on sidewalks, on anything we can get our hands on. We will be collecting stories all night to build a plan of action for city building and designing new ideas. Come visit us at our exhibit and make your mark on the city. The corner of Queen Street West and Noble Street will be animated throughout the night with images, scrawls, scribbles, gibberish and laughter. Together, we can make an impact on the city. Exhibit Change is a platform for city building projects, founded in 2009 by Jennifer Chan. After completing her Bachelors in Architectural Science, working as an exhibit designer and finally finding her way in the nonprofit community, she started Exhibit Change as a way to bring all her passions to one place. Together with community partners, Exhibit Change is leading projects to create dialogue around city ecology. Exhibit Change lives in co-working spaces, local indie coffee shops and patios, we love adventure walks around the city and gatherings of community love. Exhibit Change would like to thank Zach Pearl, Toronto Urban Exchange, and Hello-Foto for their collaborative support of this project. LYNNE HELLER | http://lynneheller.com Everybody Deserves Love, Even You is an ongoing installation which uses the tropes of disco lighting and cast shadows to project poetry created from promising and sly found text from thousands of spam emails. Everybody Deserves Love, Even You, was the subject line of an email. Its despondent tone addresses contemporary cultural vulnerabilities, sadness, yearnings and desperation upon which marketers pray. The messages are concocted in endless variations: often funny, always bizarre, and occasionally poetic. Reminiscent of the seductive murmur of a foreign language, a sexualized computer voice whispers the text. The overly modulated and controlled cadence emphasizes the pervasiveness and monotony of spam, while at the same time, characterizing and transmogrifying the text. The work emphasizes the seemingly permanent ubiquity of spam as a shared experience and universal language – words that are largely ignored but still imbued with the power of omnipresence. A Canadian post-disciplinary artist and educator, her interests encompass material culture, new media performative interaction, graphic novels and sculptural installation. International exhibitions include a solo exhibition and residency at the Australian National University, Canberra, AU; Low Lives 2, El Museo de Barrio, NYC, USA (among other locations), Hysteria: Past Yet Present, Rutgers University, Newark, USA; The Stray Show, (Art Chicago, Chicago, IL, USA); Neck of the Woods, England; IKEA, Ireland; Deviant Detours, Mexico; artist residency, Palazzo Rinaldi, Italy; IV International Textile Festival, Japan; and solo exhibitions at The University of Cuba, Havana, Cuba. She is the recipient of numerous awards from the Ontario Arts Council and Canada Council. Reviews and publications include Art Papers, USA; The Globe & Mail, Canada; Fiberarts, USA. Heller completed her MFA at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She is currently a doctoral candidate at University College Dublin. ### LEITMOTIF on Facebook [Leitmotif | Scotiabank Nuit Blanche] LEITMOTIF on twitter [Leitmotif2011] Thank you to the Ontario Arts Council for their support of LEITMOTIF LEITMOTIF is possible with good spirited collaborative support by Advantage Car & Truck Rentals – www.advantagecarrentals.com LEITMOTIF is also appreciative of the support we are receiving from the following community sponsors: Advantage Car & Truck Rentals, Barton Floor Coverings, Belle Optical, Brock Carpet, Capital Espresso, City of Toronto Public Library – Parkdale Branch, Common Sort, Free Radio Berkeley, Future Cinema Lab at York University, Gladstone Café, The Gladstone Hotel, Hope Neon, Ltd., Imagine8, Ingrid Mueller Art + Concepts, Mangez, Mascot Café, Misfit Studio, São Paulo Biennial Foundation, OCADU, PARC, Parkdale Village BIA, Public Butter, Queen West Antique Centre, Queen West Subscape Inc, Rhino, Shop Girls, Studio Brilliante, Toronto Public Space Initiative, The Workroom and the spirited community of Parkdale Village.