Celebrating 142 years of Parkdale Village with Love

February 08, 2021

The beginning of the year typically sees the Parkdale Village BIA celebrating Parkdale Village's milestone anniversary with online contests and in-store promotions, however, 2021 is unlike any other year we've experienced.

Celebrating 142 years of this wonderful community, and how far it's come, has a whole new meaning during this Covid-19 era. We acknowledge the hardships many members of our community have faced over the 142+ years, the adversities, grief, and challenges, and we embrace it all with love and hopefulness for the future. Parkdale Village's rich history and the many people from all walks of life who have called it home, who have opened up businesses, who have studied or worked here have all helped in building this into a colorful and resilient neighborhood.

This year, as we celebrate in the month of love, we ask you to be #ProudlyParkdale and share your #ParkdaleLove;

"What do you love about Parkdale"?

"What are your fondest memories"?

"What do you miss most about Parkdale"?

Perhaps it's the memories of heading to Sunnyside Pool or Ontario Place as a child that brings you joy, or the free popcorn at 24-7 Video store at Gwynne Ave in the '90s, watching movies in Parkdale's many movie theatres, or simply missing your favorite sandwich shop. Parkdale holds many memories and this month we want you to share yours.

Tag us in your posts using #ParkdaleLove and #ProudlyParkdale or to explore history in photos follow the links; Sunnyside Historical Society, Vintage Toronto, Lost Toronto, Toronto Archives, Parkdale History.

The original Odeon Theatre was Harvest Fresh Foods and now home to F45 Parkdale.
The old Police Station on the South West corner of Queen & Cowan. This station was replaced in the early 1930’s by the Modern version that stands today, which is home to Artscape resident artists and the Parkdale Arts & Cultural Centre organizations.
The original mural on Fullworths at Close Ave - 2006.
Now home to Common Sort at Dunn Ave - 2006.
The old 7-24 plaza before the Gwynne Ave Greep P lot
Parkdale Community Legal when it was located at Elm Grove, now home to The Workroom
Old Valentine Card, Miss Agnes Syrett Melbourne Avenue, City of Toronto Archives, Globe and Mail - 1835
Dufferin & Springhurts - 1925
Pickin' Chicken BBQ at Roncesvalles Ave, now home to Burrito Boys - 1960
King St W and Jameson Ave - 1950