Introducing The Cigarette Litter Prevention Program

August 16, 2018
Thanks to the feedback the Parkdale Village BIA received from the 2017 Member’s Survey, we have been continuously searching for ways to address the top priorities identified by you, our members, with Street Cleaning, Garbage and Litter Reduction as the primary objective. Despite being one of the smallest types of litter, did you know that cigarette butts and cigar tips are the top item collected during local clean-ups? Or that roughly 24,660 cigarettes are littered in Toronto every 15 minutes? To help combat this issue within our own Parkdale Village community, we are delighted to bring back our Cigarette Litter Prevention Program! With this program, the BIA aims to mitigate unsightly street waste, reduce the environmental harm from cigarette toxins in our gardens, tree pits and waterways and reduce city and community clean-up costs. In order to achieve our goals, we require a joint effort from you and the community! Here are a couple of ways YOU can help: 1. Install Cigarette Litter Receptacles (Free) The PVBIA is currently seeking 15 properties interested in having a cigarette litter receptacle installed onto their storefront façade. Emptying the sleek, stainless steel receptacles does not require touching the ash or cigarette butts.  If you are interested in having one installed onto your storefront, at no cost, please contact the BIA.  2. Offer Pocket Ashtrays to Your Clientele (Free) The PVBIA has over 1,000 pocket ashtrays ready to distribute throughout the community. Contact us if you’d like free pocket ashtrays to hand out at your business, property and/or upcoming event. They are free after all! 3. Encourage Proper Disposal Kindly remind your clientele to dispose of cigarette butts in designated receptacles located on City of Toronto Garbage bins. Please consider helping us and the local community by supporting the Cigarette Litter Prevention Program. That way we can curb cigarette litter, one butt at a time! Contact PVBIA if you have any questions, concerns or comments.