Downtown Transportation Operations Study

April 02, 2013
The City of Toronto is currently undertaking a study of downtown transportation operations. The purpose of the DTOS is to identify and address congestion and traffic operations issues in downtown Toronto. The study will develop near–to–medium term improvements to the existing surface transportation network that will help to achieve safe and efficient transportation in the downtown. [caption id="attachment_2434" align="aligncenter" width="848"]Roncesvalles and Queen Streetcar 1925 Roncesvalles and Queen Streetcar 1925[/caption] The DTOS, is about getting more out of the existing transportation infrastructure, in an attempt to make travel in the downtown less challenging and more efficient for all road users. The survey component is designed to collect information about road user behaviours. The DTOS is:
  • Focused on transportation into, out of, and within the study area.
  • Committed to helping all road users.
  • Based on the existing surface transportation network.
  • Intent on identifying near-term and medium-term solutions to operational issues.
If downtown traffic congestion is a concern to you, click here, or to complete the brief survey, click here. Even those who don’t live or work downtown are effected by the congestion when travelling in the downtown core.