Glory Hole Doughnuts Celebrates Parkdale Village Anniversary!

January 10, 2013
Since opening her doors to the D-Nut lovers of Parkdale, Ashley’s Glory Hole Doughnuts (1596 Queen St. W.) has added new dimension to the growing food movement in Parkdale, and we love her for it!Having only opened in 2012, one would never think the shop was a new kid on the block, but the GHD team has embraced Parkdale as much as Parkdale has embraced them (bear hug!). If you think your guts can’t handle another delight, you’re wrong, come out and support Glory Hole Doughnuts and Parkdale by taking a big bite out of the Parkdale Village Anniversary inspired Doughnut – the Peanut Butter Cream Cheese Cracker Jack!!! Parkdale Anniversary themed Doughnut!To learn more about Glory Hole Doughnuts and Ashley’s story, take a peak: Coriander Girl Blog, blogto.comThe Food Files, Little Red Umbrella Get to know Ashleys Neighbours: Pick up some flowers, read a Comic, get a tune upbuy some art, make a dinner reservation Photo: Glory Hole Doughnuts