Our Message on anti-Black racism & our Parkdale Community

June 19, 2020

The Parkdale Village Business Improvement Area (BIA) would like to share the following message:

To our Parkdale Village community,

Racism is real and pervasive in our City, and we acknowledge that Parkdale is no exception. We are heartbroken to hear about the recent anti-Black racism within our neighbourhood as it is a clear example of the ongoing struggles that our Black community members face. As a Business Improvement Area and entity of the City, we have an important role to play in addressing discrimination and anti-Black racism, which calls for City and Black community consultation. Over the course of this week, the Business Improvement Area has been working diligently with City departments to consult on and release a plan that provides tools for accountability and action. Mayor John Tory’s message yesterday was clear, and as a Business Improvement Area we are committed to the action this moment demands, using the tools and guidance provided by the City and our Black community members.  

We do not have all the answers, but we know we need to do better. 

We want to acknowledge the work of the City of Toronto’s Confronting Anti-Black Racism Unit as well as the individuals within Parkdale’s community working with us at this time.

The Parkdale Village Business Improvement Area Board of Directors