Parkdale Village 2020! - We need your feedback

October 16, 2019

The Parkdale Village Business Improvement Area (BIA) would like to thank everyone who inquired and attended our recent Annual General Meeting on October 9th, 2019.  Unfortunately the meeting was not attended by as many members as we would have liked and in an effort to service our membership better we ask that you take a quick 1 min survey to help us better prepare for next years AGM.

(if you wish to complete the survey in person, please make arrangements via our office)

A reminder that the purpose of this meeting was to approve the BIA’s budget and general program for 2020.
Although the Board continues to build off of the incredible 2017 Members Survey Results, of which were used to define priorities for our 2018-2025 Workplan, we still need your continued feedback, support & participation.  

If you still wish to obtain a copy of the complete AGM proposed budget and audited financial statement, please contact the BIA and we will drop off or mail you a copy of the package.

A few key highlights from our 2020 Budget & Programming;

  1. Lowering the Levy
  2. Relocating Spring Festival funds towards Streetscape initiatives such as; Street Cleaning + Maintenance, Community Safety + Crime Prevention  
  3. Relocating Administrative & Staffing costs towards Streetscape initiatives 
  4. Supporting more local events & festivals within the area throughout the year
  5.  Increasing our contribution to Capital Reserve funds, in anticipation of the Parkdale HUB Development

The BIA currently funds, manages and helps facilitate dozens of Streetscape, Marketing, Events & Advocacy initiatives within Parkdale Village along Queen Street West and continues to seek additional guidance from members to ensure that we are focusing on initiatives that represent members interests.

The general functions of a traditional BIA are to:

  • To oversee the improvement, beautification and maintenance of municipally-owned land, buildings and structures in the area beyond that provided at the expense of the municipality generally
  • To promote the area as a business or shopping area
  • To maintain business improvement area-initiated streetscaping and capital assets within the business improvement area
  • To offer graffiti and poster removal services respecting building facades visible from the street, to all member property owners who provide written consent, upon approval of the program by the general membership of the business improvement area
  • To undertake safety and security initiatives within the business improvement area
  • To undertake strategic planning necessary to address business improvement area issues
  • To advocate on behalf of the interests of the business improvement area
  • To support economic development
  • To provide services to members as needed

Thank you and let's make 2020 in Parkdale Village the best yet!