Parkdale... Who Knew?

December 06, 2011
There are so many incredible little curiosities to discover in this neighbourhood.  Last night at the BIA Board Meeting our Chair John Doherty and our Vice-Chair John Colautti told me that phone numbers used to start with letters!  Who knew?  Maybe this was a precursor to texting.  They also told me that there is a salon in Parkdale that has been operating for so long that it still has the old fashioned letter-number on its sign! Today I decided to go hunting for this Parkdale relic and and I found it!  You can find the wonderful, historic Star Hair Stylists on the south side of Queen at Lansdowne.  "LE. 6 - 0820."  I guess this is what phone numbers used to look like. Who knew? The very 1950s cream and sea-foam green molding above the sign is also utterly dreamy to me.  So lucky to live and work in Parkdale!