September - Parkdale Village BIA Board Meeting

September 04, 2023

BIA Board Meeting Notice!

Come and participate in a conversation about matters concerning our community.

Monday, August 14, 7:00-8:00 PM

At the Parkdale Village BIA Office, 1313 Queen St. West

Can't make it in person? No problem! Join us online using the: Zoom Link

Meeting Agenda

1. Call to Order & Welcome
2. Attendance & Quorum Confirmation (4 Board Members)
3. Declaration of Conflict of Interest
4. Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes by the BIA Board
5. Approval of the Current Meeting Agenda by the BIA Board
6. Treasurer’s Report by Marya Duplaga:
July 2023 Cashflow TD Chequing Account
Opening balance: 255,283
Total payments cleared: (-31,342)
Total revenue/deposits: 3,222
Closing Balance: 227,163
Uncleared transactions: (-8,468)
Register balance 07/31 218,695
Bank Balance as of August 30, 2023: $198,673
(Note: Major Vendor Payments – PGTE Clean Streets & KGK Patio Flowers)
7. 2024 Work Priorities/Plan PPT by Sanket Lalcheta
8. Discussion and Decision-Making on Extending the Part-Time Contract for the Marketing
& Coordinator (Budget Line, Part-Time Hours, Hourly Wage Rate)
9. Streetscapes Subcommittee Report by Indra Morrison
10. Priority Objectives/Events Subcommittee Report by Sanket Lalcheta:
• Development of Event Proposal Submission Policy - Currently Under Progress with
Plans for Publication on the Website this Week
11. Confirmation of Dates by Ron Nash:
• 2023 Annual General Meeting (AGM)
• Proposed Submission Date for the 2024 Budget to the City
12. New Business by Sanket Lalcheta:
• Special Clean-Up Decision for Peace Globe and 1521 Queen St. W.
13. Confirmation of Next Board Meeting Date & Adjournment of Meeting