Tale of a Town Tells Parkdale's Story this Weekend at Lab Cab Festival

July 25, 2013
At Parkdale Village BIA’s Spring Festival this past April, residents, business owners and visitors alike shared their memories and experiences from Toronto’s Parkdale neighbourhood. These numerous interviews were recorded live on site by Tale of a Town, and will be presented as a podcast at the 2013 Lab Cab Festival, which takes place July 27th and 28th along Queen West from Roncesvalles to Dufferin. Lab Cab is a free festival of music, dance, theatre, poetry, comedy, film, visual art, storytelling, crafts, kids’ stuff and more, and for the first time since 2006 it will take place entirely in the businesses, homes and on the streets within the Parkdale Village BIA. Taking part in this incredible festival is Tale of a Town, a site-specific theatre and documentary initiative produced by local Parkdale business FIXT POINT, that combines local stories to tell a tale through interactive live performance. The idea is built on a belief that in order to understand ourselves together, we must start first by focusing on the neighbourhoods that combine to form the whole picture. Parkdale is the perfect place for this project, with its storied history and passionate people.Slide1 Whether you're a resident, business owner or visitor be sure to come down to FIXT POINT headquarters and get a sneak peek at the inspiring Tale of a Town production of  “A Walk Down Main Street – Parkdale”. For scheduling click here. To find out more about Lab Cab or read its full schedule, visit www.labcab.ca.