Introducing the Clean Streets Program

January 28, 2019
Thanks to the feedback the Parkdale Village BIA received from the 2017 Member’s Survey, we have been continuously searching for ways to address the top priorities identified by you, our members, with Street Cleaning, Garbage and Litter Reduction as the primary objective. In August of 2018 we launched the Cigarette Litter Prevention Program, which is still ongoing for any interested members, click here for info. To continue our commitment to litter reduction, this month we are funding and launching the Cleaning Streets Program, supported by the City of Toronto, Solid Waste Management Services! The program will encompass two elements; 1) Harm Reduction which we are still finalising and 2) Street Cleaning which will include 31+ weeks of street cleaning by Parkdale Green Thumb Enterprises teams. Look for the team wearing neon green jackets and tackling Queen Street litter & debris on sidewalks! With this program, the BIA aims to mitigate unsightly street waste, reduce some environmental harm from toxins in our gardens, tree pits and waterways and reduce city and community clean-up costs. Contact PVBIA if you have any questions, concerns or comments. Parkdale Green Thumb Enterprises (PGTE) is an award-winning gardening social enterprise operated by Working for Change. Working for Change emphasizes the importance of work in the lives of people who have been marginalized due to poverty and mental health issues. It operates social purpose enterprises, leadership and pre-employment training programs, as well as providing community-based research and public education on issues related to poverty and mental health.