May Parkdale Village BIA Board Meeting

May 10, 2023

May 15th 2023 @ 6:00pm-8:00pm

In person Parkdale Hall 1605 Queen St W.

Closed to public for camera session interview of final two candidates for PVBIA Manager position from 6:00pm to 7:00pm

  1. Call to Order/Welcome
  2. Attendance and Confirmation of Quorum (4 board members)
  3. Declaration of Conflict of Interest
  4. Vice Chair Elizabeth Muskala will outline procedure for inviting candidates to speak
  5. Presentation and question period of final two candidates for PVBIA manager position, 15mins each (30mins total)
  6. Discussion and voting on candidate to be offered PVBIA manager position (15mins)

Open meeting to public 7:00pm-8:00pm

  1. Welcome members and community to PVBIA board meeting
  2. Approval of Minutes
  3. Approval of Agenda
  4. Treasurer’s report/Financial update from Jenna Iacutone
  5. Report from Priority Objectives Subcommittee by board member Michelle Davis
  6. Report and Vote on T.O. 360 Shared Signage with RVBIA by Chair Isis Portillo
  7. Summer Jobs grant update by Chair Isis Portillo
  8. Social media discussion, will vote on whether to create subcommittee moving forward
  9. Pride 2023 supporting member events
  10. Greenthumb gardening and cleaning services discussion on next steps
  11. New Business
  12. Adjourn

Please find the minutes of the April 17th PVBIA board meeting HERE