Why Shopping Locally Matters

December 17, 2013
In November residents and visitors across the GTA would have noticed the City wide November 30th campaign called "Shop The Hood" as well as Parkdale Village's own campaign "Random Acts of Kindness" and "Shop Locally" which is still up & running. Although a majority of Torontonians prefer a highly walkable neighbourhood over an auto-oriented neighbourhood and although there are many proven personal and economic benefits to supporting local businesses, there still seems to be a gap between what Torontonians say and do. Random Acts of Kindness - Winter 2013Potentially, one of the culprits keeping us from actually shopping locally is habit. We understand how easy it is to head to the Mall during cold frigid temperatures or how gratifying it is to bargain for electronics at a super store, but the conscious effort in exploring your own neighbourhood and creating new local habits can be even more rewarding. As a continued effort to encourage residents to shop locally and support Parkdale Village businesses, below are links to some of our favourite benefits: 12 Reasons to Give the Gift of Local 5 Canadian Consumer Trends to Shape the Future of Retail Top 10 Reasons to Support Locally Owned Businesses